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Iced Earth – Incorruptible (Century Media)

Iced Earth – Incorruptible (Century Media)

There are two distinctive styles of Power Metal. On one hand, you have the ‘European’ take on it, which focuses a lot on melodies in the tracks, the atmosphere of the song and it also heavily favours neo-classical elements, symphonic arrangements/accompaniments and folk like traits... Read More
Divine Element -Thaurachs Of Borsu (I, Voidhanger)

Divine Element -Thaurachs Of Borsu (I, Voidhanger)

Divine Element is the brainchild of two musicians from the south-eastern reaches of Europe. Formed in Athens but now based between Athens and Budapest, the duo consists of multi-instrumentalist Ayloss (Spectral Lore) and vocalist/bassist Alchemist. Featuring some session members who have ties to Obscura and.. Read More
Petyr – S/T (Outer Battery Records)

Petyr – S/T (Outer Battery Records)

When your father is Tony Hawk, the man most famously known for helping launch ‘vert’ skateboarding into the spotlight, along with being the name to one of Activision/Ubisoft’s longest running cash cow gaming franchises (Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series), it is going to need something.. Read More
Steak - No God To Save (Ripple)

Steak – No God To Save (Ripple)

Once again, Steak, the meaty quartet from London grace our website and already, you know a juicy offering of riffs will be brought forth. With one of the founders of DesertFest in the line-up and a connection to the fabled ‘Desert Rock Scene’ over in.. Read More
Prayers Of Sanity - Face Of the Unknown (Rasthilo Records)

Prayers Of Sanity – Face Of the Unknown (Rasthilo Records)

Portuguese thrash trio Prayers Of Sanity are a rather fast bunch. Forming in 2007 and having two full length albums already under their belt, packed to the brim with riffs a plenty and the usual staples of thrash (Religion, Politics), they’ve geared themselves up and.. Read More
Lunatic Hooker - Embracing The Filth (Black Bow)

Lunatic Hooker – Embracing The Filth (Black Bow)

Spawned out of a cocktail of frustration and disillusionment with the music industry, BOSS HM-2 pedals and a mixture of grindcore, southern USA styled Sludge and death metal, London based five piece Lunatic Hooker are certainly an interesting mix, just like their influences and what.. Read More
Skulldrain - Hatred Rising (Vicisolum)

Skulldrain – Hatred Rising (Vicisolum)

Scandinavia are no strangers to metal which is off the aggressive kind. The birthplace of the melodic death metal genre, the home of the famed ‘Gothenburg Sound’ and some of the grimmest, doomiest and blackest metal out there. What we do tend to forget is.. Read More
Warbringer - Woe To The Vanquished (Napalm)

Warbringer – Woe To The Vanquished (Napalm)

Four albums under their belt and continually growing in strength and prominence, Californian thrash machine Warbringer don’t pull their punches or mess about. With their last release ‘IV: Empires Collapse’ getting some serious praise (Including a 9/10 from us!!), the scene is set for what.. Read More
Body Count - Bloodlust (Century Media)

Body Count – Bloodlust (Century Media)

25 years ago a landmark album in the rap and metal genres was released. Body Count’s debut album got attention, publicity and courted controversy whilst simultaneously laying down another important block in the foundations of what would later become known as Rap Metal. The band,.. Read More
Moonloop - Devocean (Listenable)

Moonloop – Devocean (Listenable)

Progressive Death Metal is a tricky branch of the Death Metal genre in how it seems to work on two basic premises; (1) Ridiculous levels of proficiency in musical delivery and composition capabilities, and (2) Trying to get as much shit into a song as.. Read More
Replacire - Do Not Deviate (Season Of Mist)

Replacire – Do Not Deviate (Season Of Mist)

Bringing a hybrid of progressive and technical death metal with copious amounts of fusion elements to it, Boston based Replacire are one of a multitude of bands out there who for, the next wave of technical based metal. Following up their 2012 debut “The Human.. Read More
Lock-Up - Demonization (Listenable)

Lock-Up – Demonization (Listenable)

The grindcore supergroup of intense proportions is back once again and they aren’t fucking around with this release. This of course is perfect considering their current touring schedule which includes Napalm Death, Power Trip and Brujeria!!! With Shane Embury and Nick Barker, the two ever.. Read More