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Moonloop - Devocean (Listenable)

Moonloop – Devocean (Listenable)

Progressive Death Metal is a tricky branch of the Death Metal genre in how it seems to work on two basic premises; (1) Ridiculous levels of proficiency in musical delivery and composition capabilities, and (2) Trying to get as much shit into a song as.. Read More
Replacire - Do Not Deviate (Season Of Mist)

Replacire – Do Not Deviate (Season Of Mist)

Bringing a hybrid of progressive and technical death metal with copious amounts of fusion elements to it, Boston based Replacire are one of a multitude of bands out there who for, the next wave of technical based metal. Following up their 2012 debut “The Human.. Read More
Lock-Up - Demonization (Listenable)

Lock-Up – Demonization (Listenable)

The grindcore supergroup of intense proportions is back once again and they aren’t fucking around with this release. This of course is perfect considering their current touring schedule which includes Napalm Death, Power Trip and Brujeria!!! With Shane Embury and Nick Barker, the two ever.. Read More
Power Trip - Nightmare Logic (Southern Lord)

Power Trip – Nightmare Logic (Southern Lord)

Hailing out of Dallas, Texas, Power Trip are a pretty intense thrash metal group. With a very prominent early 80’s thrash sound mixed with some crossover thrash influences and some touches of grindcore and powerviolence in terms of the rhythmic assaults, this five piece mean.. Read More
Danko Jones - Wild Cat (AFM)

Danko Jones – Wild Cat (AFM)

Radio host, Rock and metal columnist, Spoken word enthusiast, Danko Jones is many things, but the most important thing in this particular area of interest currently, is a hard rock magician. The Ontarian frontman and his three piece have been slinging their brand of no.. Read More
Nula - Kenoma (Black Bow)

Nula – Kenoma (Black Bow)

Belgrade based, post-Sludge five piece Nula are rather intense musically. With beer and dope, along with some filthy and heavy sounds as their main influences and being billed as something for fans of Cathedral and Type O Negative, there are some promising signs for this.. Read More
Pyogenesis - A Kingdom To Disappear (AFM)

Pyogenesis – A Kingdom To Disappear (AFM)

Pyogenesis are back with the second in what has been revealed to be a Victorian-era themed trilogy of albums which begun in 2015 with “A Century In The Curse Of Time” which was a hard hitting and melodic slice of metal from a band who.. Read More
My Sleeping Karma - Mela Ananda (Napalm)

My Sleeping Karma – Mela Ananda (Napalm)

Translating from Hindi, Mela Ananda means “A gathering of bliss”. This is a rather fitting album title for the first live recording by Teutonic instrumental giants My Sleeping Karma in their ten year career. With MSK already receiving some pretty in depth coverage on this.. Read More
Klone - Unplugged (Pelagic Records)

Klone – Unplugged (Pelagic Records)

Coming up to two years ago almost, “Here Comes The Sun” by Poitiers based, French six piece Klone came through my letterbox, and I’ll be honest, it was a tough nut to crack musically and even tougher to review but after embracing the vast sonic.. Read More
Ex Deo - The Immortal Wars (Napalm)

Ex Deo – The Immortal Wars (Napalm)

Described as ‘Italian led, converted Gauls, Ex Deo are basically Kataklysm with an extra member and some serious Roman Empire cosplaying… Not that there is anything wrong with this, the brand of symphonic death metal they sling is rather captivating and damn enjoyable. Much like.. Read More
Once Human – Evolution (EARmusic)

Once Human – Evolution (EARmusic)

Once Human are the brainchild of Logan Mader, the man many of us remember for being ‘that guy who played guitar’ on the first Machine Head Albums and helped Max Cavalera out with Soulfly in its early days before going on to unleash the horror.. Read More
Psychedelic Witchcraft - Magick Rites and Spells (Soulseller)

Psychedelic Witchcraft – Magick Rites and Spells (Soulseller)

Tuscan occult inspired doom/classic rock hybrid created with some divine backing Psychedelic Witchcraft are back with the follow up to their impressive 2016 release, ‘The Vision’. Not giving much away with the title, hinting heavily in the direction of the arcane arts, it’s time to.. Read More