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Matt Mason (The Mighty One)

Big mouth. Big belly. Big...............ego! Since the age of 14 I have had headphones strapped to my head blasting metal, punk , goth and hippety hop. Never a genre purist I feel that the worlds musicians are merely there to provide the soundtrack to my adventures from my Norf Landan roots to my exile in the Suffolk wilderness (Ipswich).
Having spent the early part of the millennium (This one I ain't that old!) rocking the airwaves on TotalRock I can now be found presenting the MattCave every Friday night 9-Midnight under the stations new name . Masochists amongst you can catch me telling bad jokes and reuniting photographers with lost lenses as the compère of the international London Tattoo Convention every summer. Inkredible!

Neptunian Maximalism – Eons (I, Voidhanger)

Neptunian Maximalism – also known as NNMM are a – wait for it- community of cultural engineers. Musically these Belgians combine drone metal, free jazz and psychedelic music. There are at least 12 members – which are often changing, and… Continue Reading →

Bell Witch and Aerial Ruin – Stygian Bough Volume 1 (Profound Lore)

Sometimes the right album comes along at the right time. It hits the spot, massaging all the right places in your psyche. An aural salve to the cuts and grazes of the real world. Stygian Bough Volume 1 has been… Continue Reading →

Maud the Moth – Orphne (Música Máxica)

It is surprising how hard it is to be out of your comfort zone when it comes to music. Sometimes the most challenging music is not the most complex or the most extreme. Rather, it can be music that is… Continue Reading →

Eye of Nix – Ligeia (Prophecy Productions)

“Ligeia” according to some frantic research, is both the name of a Siren who appeared in works by both Virgil and Homer and the name of the lead character in a short story by American horror master Edgar Allan Poe…. Continue Reading →

Hellbound – Overlords (Discouraged Records)

Do you like the works of Rob Zombie? Hellbound do, like Airbourne like Akka Dakka if you catch my drift. The album starts with a snippet of Hellbound- Hellraiser II and then Too Fast to Die begins. It is basically… Continue Reading →

Less Win – Given Light (Big Oil Recording Co)

History repeats itself. This is especially true in fashion and music. A new generation unearths something from the past that resonates with their thoughts and feelings, they give it a twist and add something of their own and then unleash… Continue Reading →

Violent Hammer – Riders of the Wasteland (Hells Headbangers)

These Finns have been around since 2006 and deal in a primal mix of black, death and grindcore.  Every so often I listen to a band and find its extremity strangely relaxing and soporific. Violent Hammer are one such band…. Continue Reading →

Mountaineer – Bloodletting (Lifeforce)

OK let’s take this from the top or summit. Sherpa Tenzing, Edmund Hilary, Sly Stallone, Brian Blessed – sorry guys you have been usurped there is a new mountaineer in my life. Oakland, California is not an area known for… Continue Reading →

Utilitarian – Fight War Not Wars, Destroy Power Not People (S/R)

The fact that half the title of Utilitarian’s new release is appropriated from CRASS (all property is theft) gives you an idea of the political slant and moral compass of this lot from Sheffield . The band name is shared… Continue Reading →

Obnoxious Youth – Mouths Sewn Shut (Svart)

Like an Ewok drowned in a honeypot this E.P is short and sweet. If you liked American crossover, Britcore and Scandi punk back in the 80’s you are gonna love Obnoxious Youth.  This sounds like it should have featured on… Continue Reading →

Burial – Satanic Upheaval (Apocalyptic Witchcraft)

“Raw no frills, goat worshipping Black Metal”  Ooh yes please Black Phillip – let’s live deliciously . Manchester’s Burial are celebrating their 15th year by signing with Apocalyptic Witchcraft and conjuring up “Satanic Upheaval” a platter of raw, visceral, unholy treats… Continue Reading →

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