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Lykle Thijssen

Der Rote Milan – Moritat (Unholy Conspiracy Deathwork)

An album centered around the Thirty Years War in what is now the western part of Germany, that could be quite interesting. German black metallers Der Rote Milan clearly have ambitions with such a concept on their second album “Moritat”,… Continue Reading →

Mono – Nowhere Now Here (Pelagic Records)

Post-rock is dead. There, I’ve said it. The genre has been creatively bleeding out for years now with repetition after repetition and a total lack of new and creative ideas, making one release sound much like every other. However, when… Continue Reading →

Juniper Grave – Of Hellions & Harridans (Wasted State Records)

Firmly rooted in the psychedelic rock tradition of the ‘70s with influences of occult artists like Blood Ceremony and Jex Thoth, Juniper Grave’s debut album “Of Hellions & Harridans” promises us tales of forgotten folklore and prophecies of doom. The… Continue Reading →

Lord of Solitude / Thronehammer – Vampire Bites Split (Church Within)

Church Within Records started a project of releasing a series of split EPs, starting with “The Church Within Vol. 1: Vampire Bites”, which features Lord Of Solitude from New Zealand and Thronehammer from the UK and Germany. The entire series… Continue Reading →

Vanishing Kids – Heavy Dreamer (Svart Records)

Ever imagined what it would sound like if Windhand jammed with Chelsea Wolfe? Vanishing Kids’ “Heavy Dreaming” might just be your answer. Founded by Nikki Drohomyreky and Jason Hartman (Jex Thoth) in 2000, the band from Wisconsin, USA, now contains… Continue Reading →

Karg – Dornenvögel (AOP Records)

It’s been a busy year for the Austrian post-black metal scene. After a brilliant album by Harakiri for the Sky in February and a recent EP by Anomalie, now it’s Karg’s turn to unleash its misery upon the word. All… Continue Reading →

Décembre Noir – Autumn Kings (Lifeforce)

Autumn is upon us. Rain is pouring from grey skies, leaves are falling from the trees and there is a need for somber, heavy music. Décembre Noir provide for this with their third album “Autumn Kings”, bringing us some joyfully… Continue Reading →

Ancestors – Suspended in Reflections (Pelagic Records)

Ancestors have always been an interesting band to follow. Between 2008 and 2012, the band released three full-length albums, an EP and a split with Graveyard, increasingly refining their sludge metal and moving more into progressive territories. Live they were… Continue Reading →

Gaerea – Unsettling Whispers (Transcending Obscurity)

Hailing from Portugal, Gaerea is one of the promising artists on the Transcending Obscurity roster. After a self-titled EP, the masked men of Gaerea are now ready to unleash their debut full length upon the world, called “Unsettling Whispers”. Starting… Continue Reading →

Lizzy Borden – My Midnight Things (Metal Blade)

Founded 35 years ago, Lizzy Borden has been around since the early days of hair metal. The band named after the notorious lady who used to wield an axe with deadly precision was mostly successful in the 1980s. However, like… Continue Reading →

Asphagor – The Cleansing (Black Sunset / MDD Records)

The Golden Age of black metal is upon us. There’s been a flood of quality releases coming in recently and now Asphagor is unleashing its third album, called “The Cleansing”. Announced by the record label as “one of the most… Continue Reading →

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