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Luci Herbert

Todesstoss – Heikane Lowentotrin (Traumorgane Kreationen)

I was pleased to receive another package from German oddity Martin Lang, the creative force behind Todesstoss and several other projects on his Traumorgane label. I pointed out when I received the last two releases in 2012 that despite being… Continue Reading →

Neptrecus – L’Aube De Declin (Ancestrale Production)

As French as the album and song titles suggest, Neptrecus return with their first full-length album after releasing a demo back in early 2012. Some of the tracks here may indeed ring with an air of familiarity if you heard… Continue Reading →

Interview – Gerald Milani LADLO Productions

LADLO, or Les Acteurs De L’Ombres Productions to use its proper name, are a label I’ve had a great deal of time and respect for since receiving their debut release; Pensees Nocturnes ‘Vacuum’ back in 2008. Having introduced me to… Continue Reading →

Cold In Berlin – And Yet (Candlelight Records)

The second album from thisLondonact is the first one since signing to Candlelight. Having never heard of Cold In Berlin until this came in, I have to say from looking at their website they strike as being a similar “hipster-friendly”… Continue Reading →

Project Pain – I Have Sinned (F.A. Records)

Thrash metal. This style can mostly be split into Good thrash metal and bad thrash metal…with a few variations in between. I mean, when you get an album like this in the post you know not to expect anything groundbreaking,… Continue Reading →

Khold – Morke Gravers Kammer (Peaceville)

This is the third album to be reissued from Khold, having originally come out in 2004. Having only discovered them last year when I ended up with the debut two album reissues to review, I found myself surprisingly drawn in… Continue Reading →

ShEver – Rituals (Total Rust)

In case the name doesn’t give it away, ShEver are in fact an all female ensemble, although this does take a while to click from listening. What this is NOT is one of those irksome, cheesy and overly polite, plastic… Continue Reading →

MURDER MOST REEL – Part Two: Pseudo Snuff

  For this second offering in my series on snuff-themed cinema I want to begin by discussing one of my bug-bears in genre film journalism. Torture Porn. Nope, it’s not the films themselves I have an issue with, in fact… Continue Reading →

Beastmilk – Use Your Deluge (Svart Records)

This maybe a band name that initially makes you think WTF, but then it’s the music that really matters. Perhaps you’ll recall a couple of years back, Kvohst (Code, DHG, Hexvessel) set up a new project with some other musicians,… Continue Reading →

Interview – Bunny Game director Adam Rehmeier

I reviewed The Bunny Game on this site, which is about to be released to the US market via Autonomy Pictures. Meanwhile here in the UK it looks unlikely to secure an official release given it is the latest film… Continue Reading →

Zgard – Reclusion (BadMoodMan Productions)

Can’t argue with a country that produced the likes of Drudkh, Hate Forest and Blood Of Kingu; yup, Zgard is a one man black metal act from the Ukraine, and according to trusty old Metal Archives the second full-length our… Continue Reading →

Plutonium – Devilmentertainment Non Stop (SR)

Listening to v.e.g.a. yesterday got me thinking that black metal and industrial go together so fantastically well it’s a shame more bands don’t do it. Plutonium, a solo act fromSweden, is another fine example of this integration of styles and… Continue Reading →

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