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Author Lars Christiansen

Having been introduced to metal by my older brother (who was an 80s thrasher with a love for NWOBHM), I caught the metal bug by association from a very early age. My tastes have changed a lot over the years, beginning with Metallica and Iron Maiden and culminating in just about everything extreme and underground. My main loves are slimy/occult death metal, teeth-grinding/neck-rending thrash, frostbitten black metal, crushing doom and blasting grindcore – what’s not to love there? I’ve worked in the music industry as a music buyer for an online retailer for the best part of 10 years so have a wide range of knowledge of most genres of music, but metal has always been my bag. I’ve also been writing on and off about metal for many years now, reviewing for various zines including a stint with Ave Noctum’s previous incarnation as Metal Team UK. I’ve always loved to tout out the underground metal scene like some filth dealer in an Amsterdam back street (but without the STDs). In my spare time I like to add good shit to my ever growing and unstable CD collection, dabble in smelly vinyl and dust off my dubbed tapes from my trading days, hoping with clenched bum that they aren’t inexplicably chewed to buggery. I’m born and bred in Oxfordshire, have Danish ancestry, like shit jokes, play guitar fast, like my beer cold (unless I’m on ales, in which case – don’t mind) and can usually be found dressed in all black with an unreadable logo emblazoned across my chest.

Vargnatt – Grausammler (Eisenwald)

Having listened to and enjoyed what seems like hundreds of bands with ’Varg’ somewhere in their name over the years, all with similarly monochromatic artwork and icily stern looking band members, I figured I’d probably get a kick out of… Continue Reading →

The Dead – Deathsteps to Oblivion (Transcending Obscurity)

My last visitation to the world of The Dead was their 2nd album from 2009 ‘Ritual Executions’ which I actually reviewed in the pre-Ave Noctum ‘Ye Olde Metal Team UK’ days, lapping up their twisted doomy take on death metal…. Continue Reading →

Ultra Violence – Deflect The Flow (Candlelight)

Ultra Violence are (for those who are un-initiated) a young Italian bunch of thrash-revivalists, who started out their career with their debut full length ‘Privilege to Overcome’ on the modern thrash pushing label Punishment 18, and now see their 2nd… Continue Reading →

Unleashed – Dawn of the Nine (Nuclear Blast)

Believe it or not,  this is full length studio album number twelve from Johnny Hedlund and his bunch of merry men. Considering they’ve had a career spanning over 25 years, I suppose you could say they’ve been fairly consistent to… Continue Reading →

Sulphur Aeon – Gateway To The Antisphere (Van)

Coming off the back of the success of their debut album, 2012’s ‘Swallowed by the Ocean’s Tide’ which received pretty much unanimous praise worldwide, Germany’s Sulphur Aeon return once more to lay the smack down on your unsuspecting heads with… Continue Reading →

GhUSa – 25 Years of Death Metal (Great Dane)

GhUSa hail from France and have been treading the boards of the extreme metal underground since forming in 1989. However they only have one full length album to their name (2006’s ‘Letter to my Son’(s)’), and a number of Eps… Continue Reading →

Gurthang – I Will Not Serve (Immortal Frost)

Taking their name from a weapon in Tolkien’s ‘The Silmarillion’, the Polish crew behind Gurthang certainly know how to churn ‘em out – with ‘I Will Not Serve’ being their fourth album since forming in 2010. What they play is… Continue Reading →

Winter of Apokalypse – Winter Of The Apokalypse (Plastik Musik)

Featuring members of Murdergod and Thy Infernal amongst their ranks, ‘Winter Of The Apokalypse’ is the second full length album from this US black metal crew. Having formed in 1997 and gone through various line-up changes, their debut ‘Solitary Winter… Continue Reading →

Weak Aside – The Next Offensive (FDA)

Originally forming as Spearhead, but changing their name to Weak Aside before their debut album, this is the second album (or third, if you count their 2007 demo) from this German death metal crew. Five years after ‘Ghostleader’, ‘The Next… Continue Reading →

Dynfari – Vegferð Tímans (Code 666)

‘‘Vegferð Tímans’ (‘Journey of Time’ in English) is the third full length album from this Icelandic atmospheric black metal duo, and a mighty release it is too. Yes folks, its atmospheric black metal time. Time to turn off the central… Continue Reading →

Bulldozing Bastard – Under The Ram (High Roller)

Bulldozing Bastard do exact what their name would suggest, that being kicking your doors in, stinking you out with B.O., stale beer and fags, incessantly whipping their lank hair in your face, leaving you covered in sputum after generally rocking… Continue Reading →

Ara – Devourer Of Worlds (S/R)

“Ooooh, that rumble” were the very words uttered from my mouth upon laying the threatening looking disc into the CD track and hitting play. This self-released debut from Wisconsin’s Ara is certainly one to grab the attention from the off,… Continue Reading →

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