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UK Tech-Fest, Newark Showground, Saturday 8th July 2017

UK Tech-Fest, Newark Showground, Saturday 8th July 2017

UK Tech-Fest is always an event to look forward to with its interesting variety of international bands, a great atmosphere and organisers who think of everything, including a fine selection of real ales. AveNoctum’s John Skibeat (JS) and Andrew Doherty (AD) were there on the.. Read More
Arcadea – S/T (Relapse)

Arcadea – S/T (Relapse)

So with Mastodon’s newest genre-bending long-player hot off the press and filling our stomachs with meaty melodies, their drummer/backing vocalist, Brann Dailor, has seen it fit to offer us up a side-helping of psychedelic, synthetic electronica. That boy is a goddamn machine!. Joining forces with.. Read More
From Eden To Exile - Modern Disdain (Attic Records)

From Eden To Exile – Modern Disdain (Attic Records)

With vast swathes of blustering labyrinthine riffing and warm, throaty vocals this smacks of New Wave of American Heavy Metal, yet brings it back home with a rich, thrashed-up thread running through its core. From the off, “Gospel Untold” offers up a rich amalgamation of.. Read More
Ketch - The Anthems Of Dread (Aesthetic Death)

Ketch – The Anthems Of Dread (Aesthetic Death)

Hailing from Arvada, Colorado, a city built on the original site where the first nugget of Rockies gold was discovered in 1850, doom-dwellers Ketch have discovered something far darker lurking in their waters. Anyone dipping their sluice pan in this river will find a mixture of death,.. Read More
Royal Thunder – Wick (Spinefarm)

Royal Thunder – Wick (Spinefarm)

Grabbing the chance to wade into Royal Thunder’s world is always a bit of a pleasure. The Atlantan quartet are right up my alley often warping the softer edges of classic rock and grunge with deft psych touches to create a warm, unctuous sound. New album, Wick,.. Read More
Karg - Weltenasche (Art Of Propaganda)

Karg – Weltenasche (Art Of Propaganda)

What Austrian J.J. (the artist formerly known as V. Wahntraum) does is a mouthful, but what the one-man Austrian band calls himself is not. He dabbles in ambient-oriented, post-atmospheric black metal but he simply calls his project KARG. Weltensache is his fifth full-length studio album.. Read More
Asteroid – III (Fuzzorama)

Asteroid – III (Fuzzorama)

The “reactivation” of Swedish trio Asteroid, following a two year hiatus, has quickly led to the release of a seven-track third album rather unsurprisingly called III. Mostly we are dealing with the standard fayre of chunky swathes of fat fuzz over a groovy shuffling beat.. Read More
Queen Elephantine - Kala (Transcending Obscurity)

Queen Elephantine – Kala (Transcending Obscurity)

With a production value as rough as a hangover, Queen Elephantine cast a little one-take stardust over their music. It’s lo-fi and dissolute. Hearing them recorded can’t be far away from the aural experience of seeing them live. Feedback and fuzz are their friends. Farting.. Read More
Nadja - The Stone Is Not Hit By The Sun, Nor Carved With A Knife (Gizeh Records)

Nadja – The Stone Is Not Hit By The Sun, Nor Carved With A Knife (Gizeh Records)

Coming just 5 months after their last album release, Sv, one does wonder quite how Nadja achieve such a level of productivity. I mean, what the hell? Do they live in a recording studio? Do they just live jam this stuff? Yes, it’s basically a 3-track drone-cum-noise album, but it still needs.. Read More
Ef / Tiny Fingers – Vāyu (Pelagic Records)

Ef / Tiny Fingers – Vāyu (Pelagic Records)

This split-EP is a collaboration between a ten-year old act from Gothenburg and a leading force in the Israeli music scene. With a decade of live performances under their belt, the DIY post-rockers Ef have played with a vast range of bands and have built.. Read More
Pg. Lost - Versus (Pelagic)

Pg. Lost – Versus (Pelagic)

Having previously written music with effect-saturated vocals, the Swedish quartet have gone for instrumental, more synth-driven pieces this time around, apparently due to Kristian Karlsson’s (bass, vocals) recent heavy touring schedule playing keys with Cult of Luna. Guitarist Gustav Almberg has commented that “I guess.. Read More
Tardive Dyskinesia - Harmonic Confusion (Playfalse Records)

Tardive Dyskinesia – Harmonic Confusion (Playfalse Records)

Chances are that despite their 10-year existence and their recent UK Tech-Fest performance, you may still not have heard of this lot. Judging by the amount of sparks that are flying off the Greek metallers’ latest full-length and their peers’ early reaction to them it’s.. Read More