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Tarja & My Own Ghost – Manchester Academy 2 – 9/3/17

Tarja & My Own Ghost – Manchester Academy 2 – 9/3/17

I was excited but a little apprehensive about this show, as I had seen Tarja, on numerous occasions, with the colossus giants that are Nightwish, but never alone. So, whilst I was excited to see her, now that she has branched out, I was dubious,.. Read More
Nick Noro – Vietnamm (NBRD / Merdumgiriz Records)

Nick Noro – Vietnamm (NBRD / Merdumgiriz Records)

Apparently Californian Noro has been in a thrash metal group called Survival as well as Static Thought who played here at Reading and Leeds Festival (which means we probably wouldn’t have liked em). Listening to tracks from his solo material such as Cut on his.. Read More
Asphyx - Incoming Death (Century Media)

Asphyx – Incoming Death (Century Media)

All old school death metal fans know that there are 3 certainties in life. Death, Taxes, and the fact that any album with Martin Van Drunen’s voice on it is sure to have old school beats and a guitar tone fuzzier than chewbacca’s ballsack. And.. Read More
N.K.V.D. – Totalitarian Industrial Oppression (Krucyator Productions)

N.K.V.D. – Totalitarian Industrial Oppression (Krucyator Productions)

Just looking at the title line this all sounds somewhat scary doesn’t it? Well it should do too, as anyone naming themselves after The Russian People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs is not someone you would want knocking at your door and you would probably be.. Read More
Red Fang - Only Ghosts (Relapse)

Red Fang – Only Ghosts (Relapse)

I first became aware of Red Fang back in around 2010 when I came across the self titled debut via a friends recommendation. They grabbed my interest immediately, carrying off that vibe of doing something new with an old school sludgy attitude that boomed somewhat.. Read More
Meshuggah - The Violent Sleep Of Reason (Nuclear Blast)

Meshuggah – The Violent Sleep Of Reason (Nuclear Blast)

I have been following Meshuggah for a long time. In fact thinking back, having first discovered them when I was 15 years old, being 30 now means I have literally been listening to them for half my life. Which is a very scary thought indeed... Read More
Oracles – Miserycorde (Deadlight Entertainment)

Oracles – Miserycorde (Deadlight Entertainment)

A debut album from a new unheard of band? Well not exactly and if I tell you that this group have amidst their members a certain Sven de Caluwé I am sure a franc is dropping. It’s far from all about the Aborted frontman though.. Read More
Usurpress - The Regal Tribe (Agonia)

Usurpress – The Regal Tribe (Agonia)

Right of the bat I have to say this came as a massive surprise. I had heard of Usurpress but not actually heard them. I had been led to believe that they are a crusty Old School Swedish Death metal band, and apparently they once.. Read More
Warfather - The Grey Eminence (Greyhaze)

Warfather – The Grey Eminence (Greyhaze)

I must start off this review by confessing that I had not heard of this project until the press release came along for this new album, but as soon as I saw that it came from Steve Tucker of Morbid Angel fame I jumped on.. Read More
Tesa – Ghost (My Proud Mountain)

Tesa – Ghost (My Proud Mountain)

Here I am checking out the new album Ghost, by Tesa, a Latvian band whom I had not heard of until now. Whilst most folks would label these guys Post-Metal, I am not a big fan of sub genres, I understand the need for them.. Read More
Meshiaak - Alliance Of Thieves (Mascot)

Meshiaak – Alliance Of Thieves (Mascot)

The press release for the debut album from Australia based band Meshiaak peaked my interest. They bill themselves as a super-group, with the most notable name on the list being Drummer Jon Dette who has played with industry heavyweights such as Iced Earth, Slayer, Testament.. Read More