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Being old and creaky (I was a teenager during the NWOBHM) I have no time for people who ' excuse ' their love of metal by saying it's so cheesy, or so ironic. I've taken shit from mainstream types for the music I love for 35 years or so. Stand up and be proud of it with no concessions to what might be hip; the best music and the best fans in the world are within the metal family.

Cult Of Frey – By The Blood Of Odin Part 1 – Midgard (UKEM)

Go on, then, guess what sub-genre of metal this might belong to….? Got it in one. Viking metal from Bedfordshire, which is fine by me. Sadly his album has not exactly had an easy genesis. Cult Of Frey changed their… Continue Reading →

Gloom – Rider Of The Last Light (Spread Evil Productions)

Including members of Nekrokrist SS (apparently not political) this is a debut and its country of origin couldn’t be in doubt. Beginning with a gunshot in ‘Bleed’ we are flung straight into a Finnish whirlwind of tumultuous riffing and that… Continue Reading →

Fellwarden – Wreathed In Mourncloud (Eisenwald)

To say Fellwarden’s first release, Oathbearer, rarely strays from my playlist even after three years should tell you the esteem I hold this musical vision in. A project of The Watcher from lauded innovators Fen, with help from his Fen… Continue Reading →

Serment – Chant, O Flamme De La Liberte (Sepulchral Productions)

Even before looking at the titles and the record label, one look at that cover and I suspect anyone familiar with the Quebec scene would have it tagged as emanating from there. This is a first solo project by Moribund… Continue Reading →

Zebadiah Crowe – Host Rider (Lorebreaker)

It was, believe it or not, about ten years since I last came across this lot. I reviewed their debut for the precursor to Ave Noctum but… Honestly? I genuinely cannot recall what I thought then and it hasn’t exactly… Continue Reading →

The Committee – Utopian Deception (Folter Records)

I admit I got this to review because my first choice was taken and I’d never heard of this mysterious international collective. Still, anything to help out and prevent handbag fights between the Ave Noctum scribes. Wasn’t too keen on… Continue Reading →

Old Corpse Road – On Ghastly Shores Lays The Wreckage Of Our Lore (Trollzorn)

Due to….stuff… for the first time you will, on reading this review, be able to rush out and immediately buy this album as it is out. And you will, won’t you? Why? Well… Reworked logo and on their new label… Continue Reading →

Winterfylleth – The Reckoning Dawn (Candlelight / Spinefarm)

Firstly, I feel the need to apologise to Winterfylleth. This should have been written well before the release date but, as with most people at the moment circumstances conspired against me. I apologise because I’ve always considered it a rare… Continue Reading →

Ante-Inferno – Fane (UKEM Records)

I first encountered Scarborough based Ante-Inferno about two and a bit years ago at Warhorns. They really made an impression then with a no fuss appearance belying a raw and frighteningly intense stage presence. I got the idea but really… Continue Reading →

Cirith Ungol – Forever Black (Metal Blade)

Cirith…. What? Really? THE Cirith Ungol? The legendary 80s US band? That eccentric, original, ground-breaking metal band? After nearly 30 years? That Cirith Ungol? Fuck me. It is. Oh, lords of chaos, bless me… Yeah. Yeah it is. And with… Continue Reading →

Nyrst – Orsok (Dark Essence)

Formed in 2013 and this being their debut album, Nyrst are another in the tidal wave of Icelandic black metal bands that have been out raiding over the last few years. This begins nicely with a cold and atmospheric intro,… Continue Reading →

At The Altar Of The Horned God – Through Doors Of Moonlight (I, Voidhanger)

Featuring a quite mesmerising cover painted by one Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule, this debut promised something a little different if such care had been taken with the music as the cover art. I’m glad to say Heolstor, the musician, has certainly delivered… Continue Reading →

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