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Lisa Cuthbert – Hextapes (Iron Bonehead)

Lisa Cuthbert – Hextapes (Iron Bonehead)

This album arrived and immediately induced a sense of slight shame that I didn’t know the name Lisa Cuthbert, as she has worked with an extraordinarily wide range of bands from Marillion through The Sisters Of Mercy to Draconian and Ulver. Still here we are.. Read More
Atlantean Kodex - The Annihilation Of Bavaria (Van Records)

Atlantean Kodex – The Annihilation Of Bavaria (Van Records)

Atlantean Kodex. Bavarian purveyors of the richest epic metal outside of Solstice, writers of lyrics both poetic and rich in academic research. A truly remarkable troupe whose last studio album The White Goddess is a genuine classic. If you know them you will want this... Read More
Janvier – S/T (Wolfspell)

Janvier – S/T (Wolfspell)

Dunno but I always find it a little…well, humbling when a band sends in a full, beautifully designed digipak CD of their debut EP release. It at least should give the reviewer pause to think about what this music means to the artist. The artists.. Read More
Limbonic Art - Spectre Abysm (Candlelight)

Limbonic Art – Spectre Abysm (Candlelight)

Odd, but when I was given this to review I had to go away and check how many albums I have by Limbonic Art. Turns out I have the lot. Guess I must be a fan… Funny that. Anyway it’s been seven long years since.. Read More
Heresiarch - Death Ordinance (Dark Descent)

Heresiarch – Death Ordinance (Dark Descent)

The last time I encountered the word Heresiarch in a musical context it was with cerebral epic metal clan Atlantean Kodex. It’s safe to say that the band Heresiarch draw no influences from that quarter of Bavaria, but it doesn’t mean that this crushing New.. Read More
Tengger Cavalry - Die On My Ride (M Theory)

Tengger Cavalry – Die On My Ride (M Theory)

For those of you just joining us I’ve been a huge, enthusiastic and vocal fan of Mongolian folk metal band Tengger Cavalry, formed around mastermind Nature G, since Thee Ed pointed me at their demo years ago. Through a slew of album releases,  the count.. Read More
Fellwarden – Oathbearer (Eisenwald)

Fellwarden – Oathbearer (Eisenwald)

Fellwarden is the solo project of The Watcher from Fen (ably supported by Fen drummer Havenless) and whilst you should not necessarily think too long on the relationship between solo projects and a musician’s main band I think here a little connectivity is in order... Read More
Evo – Warfare (High Roller)

Evo – Warfare (High Roller)

Not sure why we’re reviewing this as Evo clearly is a man who genuinely won’t give a fuck what I think (quite right too). Maybe the record company wants us to say nice things. Will I? We’ll… Evo, last name I always assumed being Stick,.. Read More
Midnight Odyssey - Silhouettes Of Stars (I Voidhanger)

Midnight Odyssey – Silhouettes Of Stars (I Voidhanger)

I missed the 2015 Shards Of Silver Fate album by Midnight Odyssey, the cosmic/ambient black metal project that Australian auteur Dis Pater chooses to express himself through; a situation I am going to have to correct. You see just before this appeared on the review.. Read More
White Ward - Futility Report (Debemur Morti)

White Ward – Futility Report (Debemur Morti)

Well fuck me (Er..don’t actually. Pretty sure neither of us would enjoy it…), a PR sheet that speaks the truth! ‘A metallic version of Ulver’s Perdition City.. ‘ Yep, that’s it. Or a melodic death metal version at least. Now after I’d listened to this.. Read More
Lonely Robot - The Big Dream (Inside Out Music)

Lonely Robot – The Big Dream (Inside Out Music)

Just so you’re aware, if you hear any splashing sounds during this review it’s the sound of my doggy paddling. Yep I’m far out of my depth, deep in the topographical oceans I merely paddled in as a kid, heading for the land of Prog.. Read More