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Author George Caley

My introduction to Metal and all things alternative came at the age of 11. I was already beginning to enjoy music and was soon pointed in the direction of Iron Maiden and Motorhead. A love of music developed from here delving into all manner of genres over the years as well as regularly attending gigs. By the time I was 16 I moved onto the heavier side of the Metallic die. It was at this point that I also wanted to give something back to the music world, I'd already failed at playing an instrument and so looked to reviewing. I started a YouTube channel in 2010 under the name ThatzNOTmetaL and over the next 5 years created a wealth of content, my music taste however was still expanding. After numerous changes and so forth I diversified into written media via a short lived e-zine called Eargore which in 2016 became a blog called Gore Crazy. Over the years I've learnt a lot about music and reviewing in general, so really I've now got my wish to give something back to the world of music that I adore.

Voorhees – Chapter Two (Great Dane Records)

I really like Horror movies, it goes hand in hand with a love of Death Metal. Seriously though, I can’t get enough, be it Slasher classics, underground depraved movies in the vein of Guinea Pig or (a personal favourite) the… Continue Reading →

Twitch Of The Death Nerve – A Resting Place For The Wrathful (Comatose)

Some bands like to make us wait, Necrophagist springs to mind (come on guys, you’ve never officially split up). For a perhaps more relatable and indeed recent example we can look to Tool with the wait for Fear Inoculum, but… Continue Reading →

Deranged – Deeds Of Ruthless Violence (Agonia)

Music is much like a fine wine, the best is often in the vintage. I mean, don’t get me wrong new is good too (I’d be a pretty awful reviewer if I hated anything modern). Yet still it’s often the… Continue Reading →

Thanatos – Violent Death Rituals (Listenable)

In the midst of recent times has there ever been a more apt soundtrack than Death Metal? The whole world appears plunged into perhaps the closest thing to a zombie apocalypse this earth is ever likely to see. Although truth… Continue Reading →

Vonülfsrëich – Hyperborëan Hills (Fallen Temple)

I’m often know as a bit of a genre fanatic, it becomes a bit of a joke that I refer to bands or sounds with such specifics. I just can’t help it, it helps me to define everything so much… Continue Reading →

Brain Stem- Symptoms Of Annihilation-Stage 2 (S/R)

Years ago I was dead against downloading music whether legal or illegal and whilst I’ve held fast to my views on illegal downloading I have to say that I’ve become a sucker for the digital download. Especially with sites like… Continue Reading →

Architectural Genocide – Cordyceptic Anthropomorph (Comatose Music)

No matter what happens with my music taste one thing remains true, Brutal Death Metal. I will never tire of it and it’s perhaps the one genre that if I haven’t heard in a while I get a bit of… Continue Reading →

Burzum – Thulêan Mysteries (Byelobog Productions)

Metal might well have the most chequered history of any music genre. From the early days of ‘Satanic panic’, to the hideous grotesque nature of Death Metal, to the actual desecration of churches via the infamous Norwegian Black Metal scene…. Continue Reading →

Vulcano – Eye In Hell (Mighty Music)

Brazil is the home of perhaps some of the truest Metal to date. Early Sepultura spearheaded the movement and all around them were the likes of Sarcophago, Krisiun, Mutilator and Holocausto to name but a few. It has been a… Continue Reading →

Tulus – Old Old Death (Soulseller)

Much like any genre or scene everything eventually gets flooded. It’s easy to see why and how, when people start paying attention to their local music scene then the passion grows and more and more people start to form bands,… Continue Reading →

Body Count – Carnivore (Century Media)

Many years ago now I went into a local record store and stumbled upon a copy of the 1994 Body Count album, Born Dead. I picked it up with great delight and noted the 90’s Death Metal looking artwork and… Continue Reading →

Beneath The Massacre – Fearmonger (Century Media)

Deathcore, or diet Death Metal as I like to call it, has been a mark upon the Metal world since its inception. My feelings on the genre have gone from love to hate to somewhere in the middle over the… Continue Reading →

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