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As a death metal loving, beer and whiskey guzzling, potty mouthed gore obsessee, I figured I would fit right in amongst the realms of writers at Ave Noctum. Having spent my early teens listening to a vast majority of grunge and 80's glam metal, I swiftly graduated to the extreme side of the genre and have stayed there ever since. I spent three years learning how to be a professional metal nerd by studying Magazine Journalism at uni and have written for Terrorizer and MetalMouth. I'm currently in mourning over the loss of the mighty Neurotic Deathfest. Brutal death metal is the love of my life,along with dogs, rats, olives and Game of Thrones.

University of Brutality – Worldwide Compilation (Kings Of Decay)

Those of you who are fans of the Brutal Death Metal, Slam, Deathcore and Beatdown sub genres are about to pig squeal in delight, as the sick and twisted minds behind Kings of Decay, Slam Crew World Wide and Brutal… Continue Reading →

Embalmer – Emanations from the Crypt (Hells Headbangers)

Classic American Death Metallers Embalmer have released quite the triumphant return to form with their magnificent latest album Emanations from the Crypt. Packed full of furious levels of speed, deep guttural vocals and a harrowing, morbid undertone throughout, it’s an… Continue Reading →

Murder Made God – Enslaved (Comatose Music)

There’s something both deeply and fist bumpingly satisfying about well-crafted technical death metal. The immensely powerful riffs, ridiculously fast blast beats and aggressive, gravelly vocals. With their first release since 2013, Greek four piece Murder Made God have unleashed ravenous, Tech… Continue Reading →

Casket Robbery – Evolution of Evil (Mortal Music)

Murderers, madness and zombies are three key ingredients in any metal album nowadays that’s focusing on all things brutal and gory. With a name like Casket Robbery, it’s pretty much a given that being as brutal and gory as possible… Continue Reading →

DarkRise – Fear, Hate and Corruption (Punishing Records)

A substantial, well rounded Death Metal album is always a delight to listen to and Swiss five piece DarkRise’s latest album Fear, Hate and Corruption is exactly that. In a realm which has an ever increasing amount of sub genres,… Continue Reading →

Catarrhal – Fleshgrave (Great Dane)

Technical Death metal is arguably one of the most superior genres in the metal community. With its mature, highly developed sound and complex delivery of guitar solos, Tech-death is often the musician’s choice of metal to indulge in and thankfully,… Continue Reading →

Atrocious Abnormality – Formed in Disgust (Comatose Music)

It’s quite refreshing when a band in any genre bucks the trends set by their peers. With most extreme death metal bands nowadays trying to outdo one another in terms of who can sound more slamtastic than the rest, Atrocious… Continue Reading →

Post Mortem – God with Horns (Great Dane)

Experimental death metal is always a risky path for any band to go down. Ultimately only the fans will decide whether throwing some atmospheric, film score-esque segments into an otherwise brutal album will add some depth and variety to it… Continue Reading →

Temisto – S/T (Pulverised)

Scandinavia is renowned for producing some of the most innovative, raw and unique extreme metal the world has to offer. If there were any words to describe Swedish duo Temisto, they would definitely be “innovative,” “raw,” and “unique”, as the… Continue Reading →

Death to Cancer Fest – London Black Heart 30/1/16

After the tragic taking of some of music and cinemas greatest legends last month due to that despicable shit of a disease that is Cancer, it seems only fitting that the UK’s brutal death community do their fair share at… Continue Reading →

Fleshgod Apocalypse – King (Nuclear Blast)

Fleshgod Apocalypse are a band who are not afraid to push the boundaries in terms of creating innovative and powerful music. Not only is their music truly unique and idiosyncratic, but Fleshgod are not afraid of experimenting with their own… Continue Reading →

Refusal – We Rot Within (F.D.A. Rekotz)

2016 see’s the return of Finnish grinders Refusal with their first official full length release We Rot Within. Having been creating aggressive, grinding death since 2008, Refusal have seriously upped their game with We Rot Within, which consists of nine… Continue Reading →

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