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As a death metal loving, beer and whiskey guzzling, potty mouthed gore obsessee, I figured I would fit right in amongst the realms of writers at Ave Noctum. Having spent my early teens listening to a vast majority of grunge and 80's glam metal, I swiftly graduated to the extreme side of the genre and have stayed there ever since. I spent three years learning how to be a professional metal nerd by studying Magazine Journalism at uni and have written for Terrorizer and MetalMouth. I'm currently in mourning over the loss of the mighty Neurotic Deathfest. Brutal death metal is the love of my life,along with dogs, rats, olives and Game of Thrones.

Aborted Fetus – The Art of Violent Torture (Comatose Music)

Russian slam pioneers Aborted Fetus have returned to the scene with their fifth full length release The Art of Violent Torture. Those who are a fan of no nonsense, unadulterated slam are in for a right treat, as this album… Continue Reading →

Necroblood – Collapse of the Human Race (Iron Bonehead / Amor Fati)

Necroblood’s first full length release Collapse of the Human Race is an absolute tour de force of an album. If wonderfully catastrophic blackened death with a smattering of grindcore thrown in is your thing, then Collapse of the Human Race… Continue Reading →

Creeping Flesh – Scorched (S/R)

After their first two EP’s Unravelled by War and Rising Terror, 2016 saw the return of Swedish Death Metallers Creeping Flesh with their latest demo Scorched. This delightful little demo consists of three tracks packed to the brim with speed,… Continue Reading →

Desecrate the Faith – Unholy Infestation (Comatose Music)

It’s pretty much guaranteed that if you’re a death metal band with a heavy anti-Christian theme to your lyrics, you’re going to drum up a substantial amount of interest rather quickly. If you then add in some furious blast beats,… Continue Reading →

Immolation – Atonement (Nuclear Blast)

Immolation are a band who have truly stood the test of time in the death metal realm. With 2017 marking their 29th year in the business, the quintessential thinking man’s extreme band definitely do not disappoint with their tenth full… Continue Reading →

Neurogenic – Ouroboric Stagnation (Comatose Music)

The splicing together of both technical and brutal death metal always makes for an exciting listen. The chugging groove and harsh, guttural vocals of the brutal elements combined with the speed and ferocity of technical metal creates quite the explosive… Continue Reading →

Krylithsic – Beast of the Northern Hemisphere (S/R)

German trio Krylithsic’s latest EP Beast of the Northern Hemisphere is a thunderous great mammoth of a release. If you’re a fan of fast, brutal music in any way, shape or form, then it’s well worth wrapping your ears around…. Continue Reading →

Red Dawn – Algorithm of Destruction (Finisterian Dead End)

French tech-death five piece Red Dawn’s debut full length Algorithm of Destruction is a powerful tour de force of an album that all fans of the more complex and heavier side of the metal spectrum are bound to enjoy. Whether… Continue Reading →

Lords of the Cemetery – Citipati (Great Dane)

There’s something about duos in extreme metal that guarantees sheer, heavy brilliance. Whether it’s the pioneering, black metal tones of Darkthrone or the beautifully harrowing grind of Anaal Nathrakh, you can never go wrong with a decent duo. Naturally, Frenchmen… Continue Reading →

In Demise – Behold, a Pale Sky (Kings Of Decay)

The phrase “never judge a book by its cover” could not be more accurate when it comes to In Demise’s second full length release Behold, A Pale Sky. Upon first glance,  with the sinister album artwork and band’s illegible logo,… Continue Reading →

Mindwarp – A Cold Black Day (Great Dane)

Having not released  full length album since way back in the previous millennium, Swiss four piece Mindwarp have catapulted themselves back into the scene with their latest and second ever album A Cold Black Day, a wholesome, quintessentially heavy release…. Continue Reading →

Gruesome – Dimensions of Horror (Relapse)

When both current and former members of Exhumed, Possessed and Malevolent Creation unite to create a sound that pays homage to the forefathers of death metal, you know you’re pretty much guaranteed an audible pleasure. American death super group Gruesome… Continue Reading →

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