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Despite having a passing interest in Iron Maiden, Def Leppard, Alice Cooper and Guns N Roses through the 80’s, it wasn’t until Ice-T dropped “Original Gangsta” shortly after my 13th birthday that rock and metal REALLY captured my imagination thanks to the Bodycount demo on said album. From there, it was a logical leap to RATM, then Metallica, Sepultura, Carcass and Cradle Of Filth amongst others, before eventually arriving at an underground wealth of aural delights. My obsession with extreme sounds has led me to semi-competently poke at bass guitar in a couple of bands, occasionally dabbling in the dark art of music journalism with the self-published “P’tahk” and guest spots in more widely distributed magazines. Almost 30 years later, (when not providing comms for international hotspots in my day job, or finding ways to entertain the wife and kids at home) I’m still “chasing the dragon” for the next band that’ll make my hair stand on end.

Dauþuz – Grubenfall 1727 (Amor Fati Productions)

After three full length albums since their 2016 inception, this German duo appear to be taking a breather by only releasing an EP this year. Don’t be fooled though, the three tracks here clock in at nearly 35 minutes. Thematically, Dauþuz… Continue Reading →

Vspolokh – Pomre (Purity Through Fire)

Perhaps an unfamiliar name to most, Russian black metal outfit Vspolokh have been around since 2004. Their debut album was released in 2010, with the intervening decade leading to this sophomore punctuated by a handful of split releases. Google insists… Continue Reading →

Withering Surface – Meet Your Maker (Mighty Music)

Behold, Denmark’s most celebrated melodeath export has returned from the dead! Withering Surface initially turned heads in 1998 with sophomore album “The Nude Ballet”, but it’s 2001s more polished “Walking On Phantom Ice” that is arguably the greatest of their… Continue Reading →

Akolyth – Akolyth (Amor Fati)

“Ritualistic” is a not a word naturally paired with blasting percussion, frenzied riffs and howling vocals, but it has recently become de riguer for black metal bands to promote themselves as such. Frankly I blame Behemoth and their overuse of… Continue Reading →

Grave Circles – Tome II (Ladlo)

Original released independently on Bandcamp back in December, this debut full-length following the “Tome I” EP from 2017 has been picked up by for rerelease in physical formats. Ukraine has been notorious of late for a slew of Drudkh clones… Continue Reading →

Katatonia – City Burials (Peaceville)

After a short hiatus these erstwhile Swedes have returned to the fray, though I daresay nobody noticed they were actually gone. Personally, I lost track of them in the early-noughties around the time of “Viva Emptiness”. It was around this… Continue Reading →

Ulcerate – Stare Into Death And Be Still (Debemur Morti)

Defying traditional genre conventions and carving out their own niche over the past two decades, the unveiling of a new Ulcerate album has become somewhat of a “big thing”. This time round, they’ve taken a step back from the abyssal… Continue Reading →

Bâ’a – Deus Qui Non Mentitur (Osmose)

Sheepishly, I must confess ignorance to the musical activities of Anorexia Nervosa alumni since their seemingly permanent hiatus over a decade ago. It turns out that vocalist RMS Hreidmar (after giving said band the chop and causing the hiatus) has… Continue Reading →

Argesk – Realm Of Eternal Night (Clobber Records)

Having established themselves since 2017 as a regular and reliable fixture on the UK black metal live scene, Argesk have finally seen fit to furnish us with recordings of their compositions.  A full album release at this stage does seem… Continue Reading →

Chronicle – Demonology (Mighty Music)

Chronicle are a young Danish four piece, whose debut album “Primal Fear” appears to have slipped under my radar since its release in 2015. Having now investigated, it seems that I’ve missed out on some technical yet catchy melodic death… Continue Reading →

Irist – Order Of The Mind (Nuclear Blast)

It’s somewhat unusual in this day and age for a label like Nuclear Blast to take a punt on a new prospect, however, seeing as Monte Connor got it right more often than not during his years with Roadrunner, benefit… Continue Reading →

The River – Vessels Into White Tides (Nine Records)

Way back at the turn of the century, I was handed a two-track demo of gloomy, mellow doom metal by an enthusiastic chap introducing himself as Chris. I recently found this CD amongst many others in my garage, and after… Continue Reading →

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