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Inferno Festival - Oslo, Norway 12-15th April 2017 Day 1

Inferno Festival – Oslo, Norway 12-15th April 2017 Day 1

Norway’s Inferno Festival is one of the highlights in the gig calendar for me, and this was to be my sixth consecutive pilgrimage to witness an enticing mix of big names rubbing shoulders with the best of the underground from the world of extreme metal... Read More
Bathsheba – Servus (Svart)

Bathsheba – Servus (Svart)

I am not usually a fan of the doomier end of the spectrum, but something about Belgian four piece Bathsheba hooked me in and got inside my head. Opening with ‘Conjuration of Fire’, the spoken word intro gives way to standard doom style riffs before.. Read More
Edenbridge - The Great Momentum (SPV)

Edenbridge – The Great Momentum (SPV)

The symphonic female fronted genre is beyond saturation with new bands seeming to appear on a daily basis, and for many of these bands it seems that as long as there is a female warbler at the helm, then nothing else is needed. Unfortunately that.. Read More
Metallica - Royal Arena, Copenhagen - 3/2/17

Metallica – Royal Arena, Copenhagen – 3/2/17

The opening night of any new arena is bound to be a special occasion and the inaugural show will always go down in history. Copenhagen’s Royal Arena marked their arrival on the world stage with a huge statement of intent by booking the biggest metal.. Read More
Cnoc An Tursa - The Forty Five (Apocalyptic Witchcraft)

Cnoc An Tursa – The Forty Five (Apocalyptic Witchcraft)

If you turn on any news channel, on pretty much any day, you will see stories about religion inspired war, whether it be Israel, Syria or the frighteningly frequent terror attacks across the globe to name but a few. Sadly, this is not new to.. Read More
Kjeld / Wederganger – Split (Van)

Kjeld / Wederganger – Split (Van)

Dutch extreme metal is in a rude state of health at the moment, and while the immediate focus may go towards the pummelling death metal scene, there is a hotbed of quality black metal bands lurking in the undergrowth, just waiting to ensnare those who.. Read More
Interview - Kobra And The Lotus

Interview – Kobra And The Lotus

  Canadian metal outfit Kobra and the Lotus, rolled into Manchester as part of their tour with Delain and Evergrey. Enigmatic front-woman Kobra took time out of her schedule to have a chat with Ave Noctum in her dressing room before the show. However, before.. Read More
Damnation Festival - Leeds University Union 5/11/16

Damnation Festival – Leeds University Union 5/11/16

Black clad hordes descending on the Union building of Leeds University, sending unsuspecting students running for cover can only mean one thing – Damnation Festival! This was the 12th consecutive annual incarnation of this one day festival, showcasing the best home grown and international extreme metal.. Read More
The Blackwood Gathering - Fell Foot Wood, Cumbria 7-8/10/16

The Blackwood Gathering – Fell Foot Wood, Cumbria 7-8/10/16

It’s fair to say that The Blackwood Gathering is not your average UK metal festival. Forget mainstream metal for the masses, dodgy burger vans and over priced watered down beer. This is how a music festival should be…. The Blackwood Gathering is set in the.. Read More
Tortorum - Rotten.Dead.Forgotten (World Terror Committee)

Tortorum – Rotten.Dead.Forgotten (World Terror Committee)

I managed to catch Norwegian black metal barbarians Tortorum at a gig in their hometown of Bergen a few years ago and was blown away by their ferocity, which even exceeded the aggression and intensity captured on their two previous releases Katabasis (2014) and extinctionist.. Read More
Skálmöld - Vögguvísur Yggdrasils (Napalm)

Skálmöld – Vögguvísur Yggdrasils (Napalm)

Having just submitted a review of the fantastic Midgardsblot festival, I was asked whether I would like to continue my “Viking adventure” by giving a listen to Skálmöld’s new release ‘Vögguvísur Yggdrasils’. Of course, I jumped at the chance. Hailing from Iceland, it is no.. Read More