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Author Andy Pountney

I was brought up in the West Midlands during the back end of the thrash scene, and then relocated to Yorkshire, becoming immersed in the bludgeoning death metal scene. As death metal waned, I found my true musical calling in the form of black metal, and it is here that my musical passion remains to this day. Having said that, I’m open minded and will give a fair listen to any style of alternative music, especially live, enjoying all forms of extreme music and can regularly be found lurking with a camera in one hand and pint in the other at metal gigs……

Black Altar & Kirkebrann – Deus Inversus (Odium Records)

Over the years, “black metal” has become an ever widening genre label, and these days much of what is given this tag is barely recognisable from the genre’s roots, not only in terms of music but also attitude. On this… Continue Reading →

Vreid – In the Mountains of Sognametal – Livestream 13/6/20

Once again I find myself sitting down to a livestream, yearning for the return of live music. My experience of these events has been mixed thus far, but Vreid were about to blow all that out of the water. This… Continue Reading →

Shadowflag – In Asylum Requiem (Clobber Records)

As the COVID-19 lockdown begins to ease, I find myself wondering what will be the state of our beloved extreme music underground during the coming weeks and months. Will bands have managed to find a way through, will the live… Continue Reading →

Acârash – Descend to Purity (Dark Essence Records)

By pure coincidence, on the day I was given this album for review, I was wearing an Acârash shirt so it’s fair to say that I had been impressed by their debut album and a storming previous live encounter. So,… Continue Reading →

Einar Selvik – Bergen Performances 20-21/5/20

  The world is a very different place compared to even a few months ago, and we are all shackled by lockdowns, social distancing and ever-increasing death rates, but in this brave new world of very real doom and gloom,… Continue Reading →

Abduction – Jehanne (Finisterian Dead End)

As far as I can recall, there are five metal bands called Abduction and I wasn’t sure which one this was when I put my hand up for the review so I was pleased to learn that this was the… Continue Reading →

HELFRÓ – Helfró (Season of Mist)

In recent years, Iceland has become a veritable cauldron of seething black metal, reliably spewing forth some of the most claustrophobic and vicious bands around. The latest of these is Helfró, whose eponymous debut launches straight into the uncompromising ‘Afeitrun’…. Continue Reading →

Wolcensmen – Though the Ether, Live Stream 12/4/20

Wolcensmen were due to be playing at the Indie Recordings Label Night as a precursor to this year’s Inferno Metal Festival but world events have of course laid those plans to rest. The festival will return next Easter and by… Continue Reading →

Forndom – Faþir (Nordvis)

In these turbulent times where we have been plunged into a world of uncertainty, lockdown, isolation and ever spiralling death tolls I am sure we are all looking for a psychological release until humanity wins this battle against the biggest… Continue Reading →

Deadrisen – S/T (AFM)

Here we have the debut from a new Metal band formed by Rivera/Bomma guitarist virtuoso Rod Rivera and technically minded bassist Mike LePond (Symphony X, Ross The Boss, Them, Midnight Eternal etc. etc.). There’s some serious musical talent within those… Continue Reading →

Marrasmieli – Between Land and Sky (Naturmacht Productions)

When I think of Finnish black metal, I immediately envisage the hordes of primitive sounding, raw, aggressive bands that have been spawned over the years. However, this does not tell the whole tale and there is of course a healthy… Continue Reading →

Unreqvited – Mosaic II: la déteste et la détresse (Prophecy Productions)

Released on the same day as the phenomenal split with Sylvaine ‘Time Without End’, ‘Mosaic II’ is the fourth full length from Canadian one man project Unreqvited, and is the alter-ego to the previously released ‘Mosaic I’. Whereas ‘Mosaic I’… Continue Reading →

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