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Wolfpakk - Wolves Reign (AFM)

Wolfpakk – Wolves Reign (AFM)

Wolfpakk are a melodic metal band formed by the hugely talented Michael Voss and Mark Sweeney who invite guest vocalists to join them on their expertly crafted albums. This is their fourth and the third one in a row that I have had the pleasure.. Read More
Vandroya - Beyond The Human Mind (Inner Wound)

Vandroya – Beyond The Human Mind (Inner Wound)

It’s taken these Brazilian Power Metallers 4 years to follow up on their impressive, energetic and entertaining debut. Despite the frantic pace of many of the songs on that debut the band themselves were clearly in no hurry – there was plenty of live-work to.. Read More
Ayreon - The Source (Music Theories Recordings)

Ayreon – The Source (Music Theories Recordings)

It’s a bit of a thankless task reviewing a new Ayreon album. Don’t get me wrong, it’s always a joy to hear but…what do you say? Arjen Lucassen puts so much info out there pre-release that all the Ayreon fans already know plenty about it... Read More
Skyclad - Forward Into The Past (Listenable)

Skyclad – Forward Into The Past (Listenable)

It was a day of Skycladian surprises when this one arrived for review the other day. There’s the ever-recurring disbelief I have when I see how many years a band have been going whose debut I went out and bought and seems like only a.. Read More
The Doomsday Kingdom -  S/T (Nuclear Blast)

The Doomsday Kingdom – S/T (Nuclear Blast)

After a sufficient bout of appetite whetting with last years excellent 4 track EP, Leif Edling’s The Doomsday Kingdom now unleash their full length album debut. Thankfully retaining the excellent services of Anders Johansson on drums, Avatarium buddy Marcus Jidell on guitar (who aside from.. Read More
Saturn - Beyond Spectra (Rise Above)

Saturn – Beyond Spectra (Rise Above)

It’s been a while since Saturn’s retro debut that aimed itself quite specifically Hard Rock/Fledgeling Metal from 1974-77. Three years to be precise, but I’m here to report that the band have widened their field just a little (71-78 perhaps…), managing to really nail that.. Read More
Achiote - Loneliness of Endless Days (V.R. Label)

Achiote – Loneliness of Endless Days (V.R. Label)

OK, I admit it, I looked into the band, saw the words Finland and Melancholic, coupled with the title of the album and did rather leap to conclusions, expecting something along the lines of Sentenced, Charon, To/Die/For or even Amorphis. I didn’t do my homework,.. Read More
Arduini/Balich - Dawn Of Ages (Cruz Del Sur)

Arduini/Balich – Dawn Of Ages (Cruz Del Sur)

As a forward slash between two names generally denotes, it’s collaboration time people! In the dark corner we have one of the founding guitarists of Progressive Metal pioneers Fates Warning (he was on the first two albums with the high-and-higher style singer) and in the.. Read More
Sanctuary – Inception (Century Media)

Sanctuary – Inception (Century Media)

Not a new album – quite the opposite! This is actually how it all started, this is how the band sounded before they were signed, before Dave Mustaine’s mentor-ship, before…to put it into a musical time context, these tracks were actually recorded before fellow Seattlers.. Read More
The Mute Gods -Tardigrades Will Inherit The Earth (Inside Out)

The Mute Gods -Tardigrades Will Inherit The Earth (Inside Out)

I know it will be by now bugging the crap out of one third of The Mute Gods’ Nick Beggs, but this is his band’s first feature on Ave Noctum so the elephant-in-the-room of “Hey, It’s that guy from Kajagoogoo!” must once again be aired... Read More
Bloodbound - War Of Dragons (AFM)

Bloodbound – War Of Dragons (AFM)

I’m familiar with Bloodbound already, but this time the album title piqued my interest even further. Regular readers will know I’m partial to a bit of dragon imagery within the realms of Power Metal. Yes, dragons can be a bit of a bind at a.. Read More
Horisont - About Time (Century Media)

Horisont – About Time (Century Media)

Horisont are celebrating ten years in existence with this their fifth album and I’m very happy to say I’ve been with them all the way. Horisont love what they do and it always comes across in their progressive-tinged retro hard rock. Every Horisont album has.. Read More