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Critical Solution – Barbara the Witch (Crime Records)

Critical Solution – Barbara the Witch (Crime Records)

This is a very interesting album for a number of reasons. “Barbara the Witch is the so-called Horror Thrashers’ third album. It is a theme album based on a true story from their Norwegian home town in the 1600s. The narrator is my friend Julian’s.. Read More
Gjendød - Nedstigning (Hellthrasher Productions)

Gjendød – Nedstigning (Hellthrasher Productions)

“Classic Norse black metal filled with blood-freezing atmosphere” is the promise from Gjendød. It doesn’t take long to be subjected to relentless and murderous drumming and bleak riffage. Vocally, these are the growls of someone who sounds in pain. But it’s the constant and merciless.. Read More
Farsot - Fail-lure (Prophecy)

Farsot – Fail-lure (Prophecy)

A prerequisite for me was to listen first to Farsot’s “Insects” (2011), which I would list as one of my favourite albums of all. Creeping, nightmarish and infectious, it really should be available on free prescription for those miserable souls who suffer from a deficiency.. Read More
Persefone and Poem - London Underworld, 16/4/17

Persefone and Poem – London Underworld, 16/4/17

After a quick check of the merch stand I was in familiar territory … the pit at the Underworld. I’ve taken to looking at merch stands nowadays for bizarre items. A recent one was Haken coffee, which I resisted at £10 for a small bag,.. Read More
Lashblood - Unbeing (Aesthetic Death)

Lashblood – Unbeing (Aesthetic Death)

I’m always wary whenever I see term “avant-garde” applied to a band. This is the case with Russia’s Lashblood. It doesn’t take long on this follow-up to the band’s debut album “Philosophy of Self-Flagellation: Being and Nothing” (2012). A withering riff with a vocalist whose.. Read More
Altar of Betelgeuze - Among the Ruins (Transcending Obscurity)

Altar of Betelgeuze – Among the Ruins (Transcending Obscurity)

A spot of stoner doom is the order of the day from Finland’s Altar of Betelgeuze, whose second album this is after “Darkness Sustains the Silence” from 2014. This is pretty grainy stuff. Downtrodden riffs with death vocals never make for a happy scene. The.. Read More
Atavismo – Inerte (Temple of Torturous)

Atavismo – Inerte (Temple of Torturous)

With a promise of less space rock and experimentation than on their debut album “Desintegración”, Atavismo return with “Inerte”. From jam sessions, Atavismo put the finished structure of their self-proclaimed progressive and psychedelic rock pieces together. “Pan Y Dolor” (Bread and Pain), which opens the.. Read More
Netra - Ingrats (Hypnotic Dirge Records)

Netra – Ingrats (Hypnotic Dirge Records)

One of the most innovative albums I have ever heard was Netra’s “Sørbyen” (2012), a bleak and atmospheric album with the unusual and effective inclusion of trip-hop. The urban street feel of that album features on the artwork of this one. “Ingrats” is an oddball.. Read More
Asira - Efference (S/R)

Asira – Efference (S/R)

By the time I’d got to the second track of this album, I could see why this album was touted as being for fans of Anathema, Ulver, Opeth and Alcest. This is achieved by the abrupt changeover between the first and second track “Crucible of.. Read More
Aegri Somnia – Ad Augusta per Angusta (S/R)

Aegri Somnia – Ad Augusta per Angusta (S/R)

There’s always a risk in taking on traditional music, as sometimes through no fault of the music it’s just impossible to cut across the culture. In this case it’s Castilian oral folk music but mixed with avant garde metal. Well, I’ve managed Estonian yoiking before.. Read More
Troubled Horse – Revolution on Repeat (Rise Above)

Troubled Horse – Revolution on Repeat (Rise Above)

Örebro (pronounced in the most Swedish way you can imagine and not as I once did, making it sound like a famous German sweet manufacturer) is an extremely pleasant town with a nice castle. It is also home to my favourite Swedish football team. The.. Read More