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Andrew Doherty

Nightmare A.D. – Phantoms of Our Ruin (Tenzenmen Records)

My knowledge of Cambodian metal can be written on the back of a postage stamp. In fact Nightmare A.D. is the only Cambodian band I could name. What I do know is that Nightmare A.D.’s instigator Mia Priest is a… Continue Reading →

Soilwork – Verkligheten (Nuclear Blast)

You wouldn’t think that Soilwork could add much to their twenty year portfolio. The sound, aggression and melodic level have transformed subtly over the years but I think most people who know Soilwork have a certain expectation. Well let me… Continue Reading →

Loch, Soft, Crack Guilty, Seriate and Satyagraha – The Soundmaker Studio, George Town, Penang, Malaysia 22/12/18

This was a journey into the unknown for me. Of the bands playing here tonight, I confess I didn’t any of them before tonight. It was two members of Weot Skam, who were supposed to be playing, who gave me… Continue Reading →

Deitus – Via Dolorosa (I, Voidhanger)

Five varied slabs of black metal make up “Via Dolorosa”, Deitus’s second full album release. What’s impressive here is the progression of atmospheres from dank spaces to fiery riffs and melodies. So it is with the opener “Hallowed Terror”, which… Continue Reading →

Rauhnåcht – Unterm Gipfelthron (Debemur Morti)

I’m always in favour of artists using their surroundings so the fact that Rauhnåcht, a solo project from Austria with various session musicians to support him, has this epithet is welcome. The “gipfel” of the title normally means the mountain… Continue Reading →

New Light Choir – Torchlight (Svart Records)

Many things came into my head while I was listening to this album, which is a good thing, but I cannot accept the claim that New Light Choir “are devoid of the trappings of retro worship”. I’d agree that “retro… Continue Reading →

Zapruder – S/T (Apathia)

“Friendship, fun and rock n roll” is the statement behind this mind-twisting album from Zapruder. At its musical heart is a mathcore style strongly reminiscent of Dillinger Escape Plan, so you can expect to be screamed at. The manic screaming… Continue Reading →

Prophetic Scourge – Calvary (Klonosphere)

Eight lengthy tracks with prefixes from “The Penitent” to “The Cultist” suggest an edgy progressiveness but in a very dark way, and that’s broadly what we have from this French quintet. “The Penitent – Confrère de la Miséricorde” sets out… Continue Reading →

Sick Of It All – Wake the Sleeping Dragon! (Century Media)

Hardcore isn’t exclusively a New York phenomenon, but it is appropriate to the gritty city. Sick Of It All have been doing it loud and proud for 32 years, and are now on their twelfth album. If I were to… Continue Reading →

Apatheia – Konstelacja Dziur (Godz of War)

This black metal album is the debut from Apatheia, but since top quality musicians, especially in extreme genres, seem to grow on trees in their native Poland, I had no concerns. The title means “constellation of holes”. After a suitably… Continue Reading →

Angrrsth – Znikąd (Godz of War)

“From Nowhere” is the translation of this EP from black metal band Angrrsth. Actually they come from Toruń in Poland, and this is their debut work. The first track is a bit of a riot – harsh as hell of… Continue Reading →

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