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Quickly discovering in formative years that I was never quite going to fit in anywhere, I spent time growing up listening to punk, futurist, goth, industrial, metal and psychedelic sounds ranging from Hawkwind to The Sex Gang Children via Japan through to Crass mangled in with Psychic TV and New Model Army. Catching my first band live by accident; The Poison Girls at a G.L.C. free festival, I never looked back. Musical tastes have developed accordingly and I now spend time writing for both Terrorizer and Dominion magazine as well as co-running and pushing the boundaries of genre definition to mould around my own eclectic tastes. Not having the patience to play any instrument myself, I see my writing, to a certain degree as putting something back into the music I love. If I didn't spend time doing this I would be an alcoholic slumped without hope on the cold streets of London. Instead I can be found pint, camera and notepad in hand covering bands both old and new and will happily accept free cider without

Irae – Lurking In The Depths (Signal Rex)

Satan wept, lurking maybe but in typical one-man BM fashion Vulturius has been pumping out releases since 2002. There are somewhere in the region of 36 listed on Metal Archives and he has also been involved in no shortage of… Continue Reading →

The Joy Thieves – Genocidal Love Song (Armalyte Industries)

I almost gave this one a pass as it is the second release by The Joy Thieves in a very short time and just a 4 track EP. There’s only so much you can say about a band no matter… Continue Reading →

Acherontas – Psychic Death – The Shattering Of Perceptions (Agonia)

Stalwarts of mysticism and Hellenic blackness Acherontas should really need no introduction to the initiated. Led with unswerving passion by V Priest since formation in 2007 they have a plethora of releases to their name and ‘Psychic Death’ sees them… Continue Reading →

Hellfest – A Pilgrimage For Metalheads (Corentin Charbonnier)

2020, the year the inconceivable happened. No festivals! A rite, a ritual for many and indeed as mentioned in the title a pilgrimage, which is a word that is not without validation as is explored in this book about France’s… Continue Reading →

Ulthar – Providence (20 Buck Spin)

Well, we ended last album Cosmovore with a 13-minute track and we start Ulthar’s 2nd album with one just over 2. As it batters in full of gnarly chops, thudding drums and guttural vocals one could assume, if not having… Continue Reading →

Flavia The Heretic – Gianfranco Mingozzi (Shameless Screen Entertainment)

No doubt everyone has been consuming a vast amount of films during lockdown and it has not hampered the amount of releases available even if there have been no physical shops open to purchase them from. Of everything I have… Continue Reading →

The Moon And The Nightspirit – Aether (Prophecy Productions)

Back with their seventh album Hungarian folk duo Ágnes Tóth and Mihály Szabó are here to provide something a bit more mellow in these savage times and dip back into the past with legends and fairy-tales of yore. Not that… Continue Reading →

Flagg – Nothing But Death (Purity Through Fire)

One of the joys of this lark is picking up a band who are brand new and mysterious to cover and finding you have a gem on your hands. Of course, it doesn’t always work out that way but as… Continue Reading →

Foetal Juice – Gluttony Album Premiere Stream (Gore House Productions)

  Four years on from their bulldozing debut album, Masters Of Absurdity, the ravenous dogs of Foetal Juice are back with a new full length record that redefines their own appetite for sickness and savagery. Gluttony is an unflinching exposé… Continue Reading →

The Suns Journey Through The Night – Eternal Black Transmissions (Repose Records)

I expect we are going to hear plenty of isolationist black metal hermits decomposing music during “the great plague of 2020” and this is one of them. Eschewing the normal social media route and indeed not even having a presence… Continue Reading →

Heruka – No Sun Dared Pass Our Windows (Rude Awakening Records)

I wouldn’t say that Italian outfit Heruka are the easiest band to get to grips with either musically or thematically. One thing is certain though, they have ramped up their output after a couple of finding feet releases in the… Continue Reading →

Almyrkvi / The Ruins Of Beverast – Split (Ván Records)

There may only be four tracks on this split release but with an average running time of 10 minutes each there is plenty to immerse yourself in and it certainly is not lacking in substance. Both bands could be considered… Continue Reading →

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