I’m easily confused. I picked this up as I needed a break, and was expecting a bit of angry hardcore influenced punk (well they mentioned The Exploited) and this angry piece of plastic arrived. With Ridgeback and Swellbellys luminaries it was never going to be quiet was it? Nope. Gotta say though apart from the shouted vocals there’s not much hardcore here to my ears. Or punk come to think of it. Plenty of both in the attitude, anger and lyrics mind. Plenty. Overflowing even. So all good.

Selkirk based this is a right angry racket. This is a very metallic sound for me, hell it borders on death and thrash at times. Chuck in some early At The Gates and some sludge and mix with spite. Heavy, crushing riffs chug or speed over you and always those vocals barking their misery in your eardrums, spitting frustration and bile at you.

No, this is not the most positive album ever as the lead off title track tells you. It has a great, compelling riff propelling it though, some catchy little melodic touches and deep groove. And yet it is one nihilistic motherfucker too. ‘Fascist’ really crank the speed up and hits as hard as any sane person would want to punch a Nazi. Again, the bands knack for groove without ever reining in the brutal assault is quite a feat.

Frustration runs riot in this album. Titles like the above, and ‘Parasitic Cunt’, ‘Failure’ and accusatory and bleak ‘Small Town’ will give you no respite. Political, social, wading knee deep in negative emotion and searching grimly for a way out and finding none. “Fuck your life I hope you die…” . There really is no light here. None. No room for humour when you’re looking into the black pit of the world and can see no hope. Bitter, rancorous and intent on hurting the problems they see, but with these huge riffs and the blistering attack.

No, probably not what I wanted to hear in my current mental state, but this is the sound or rage biting back.

Unpalatable to solve maybe but this is cracking stuff. Horribly catchy despite the sheer heaviness and the hate on show.

Feeling up to it? Look into the pit….

(8/10 Gizmo)