The Black metal world is under a Polish onslaught at the moment with elite heavy hitters such as Behemoth, Batushka and MGLA all bringing their own brands of technical, precise, malevolent, and mechanical brilliance to the party. So, when I was offered the chance to review a new Polish upstart in the form of Profeci I jumped at the chance, with massive aspirations of more crisp and brutal Polish black arts. How wrong could I have been ?

From the outset, ‘Matecznik’ is depressive, doomy, and misanthropic. All 7 tracks are individual with souls of their own although there is no distinct contrast between them.
Pioluns vocals throughout the 7 siblings is masterful and commanding, injecting a degree of elegance and majesty to the proceedings. There is a stately and regal deliverance and the vocals truly lead the way for the strings and drums to follow.

Piolun also expresses true talent through the six strings, battling and engaging with Gustaw to become victor and gain supremacy over the other. This battle only adds to the emotion, attitude, and atmosphere through the whole of the soul of this release.

‘Plesn’ and ‘Manna’ stand side by side on the album, and these tracks stand head and shoulders above the others for me. They have a distinct sound and rawness while keeping the rugged bleakness to the landscape.

This album is not a full-on attack, it will not generate mosh pits with flailing limbs and bloodied noses, more of a subdued nodding of the head in total appreciation. It is submissive and oppressive, with elements of gloom and emotion. It will have you reaching for the candles, flames, and anything else you can find to create an atmosphere worthy of the misery and melancholy.

A thinking souls black metal release and one not to be tied in with many of their fellow compatriots. Tread this path with pre-determined visions and you may well not be disappointed, unfortunately just not one for me

(5/10 Phil Pountney)