Are demos even really a thing any more? What’s the difference between a demo, EP or album? I think the lines have been exceptionally blurred through the passages of time. Anyone can upload any music online now for example and they could record it with a computer microphone have a single song of five seconds and call it a full length. So, you see my point, nothing makes sense any more. Then again that’s the nature of music, like any other art form it’s limitless.

Today we’re looking at the demos of four bands, Japanese Death Metallers Parasitario, German raw Death Metal maniacs Vomit Spell, Bavarian Nekrofilth types Feaces Christ and finally Japans Death Doom troupe Mortal Incarnation. All these demos are a part of FDA Records Demo Series. I really like this idea of a sort of demo showcase, it kind of takes demos back to their original purpose of getting people or labels interested in bands. It’s also a nicer idea than the ‘bonus track’ ideology we see done with so many reissues of classic albums, it makes these tracks feel more important.

So let’s begin with Parasitario’s Afterlife Truth, the opening title track is angry, under produced and classic Death Metal in sound. That said it doesn’t strike all that much of a chord with me, in fact I can’t really say any of this demo really hit me. The Skeletal Remains cover of Viral Hemorrhagic Pyrexia is pretty decent, but that said it’s a cover, and I don’t much care for covers sadly. Also, when a cover is probably the best track on your demo that’s never a good sign. (5/10)

Next up are Vomit Spell, their opening self-titled number is a horrific assault of noisy Death Metal. Now this I can really appreciate, the quality is so poor that it sounds like a recording of a cassette, truly vile. The same sound pretty much flows throughout in a cavernous tone, Liar in particular showing total noise laden destruction, especially in the supersonic speed of the drums. Monastery Of Infamy gives a little more melody with its slower delivery, a welcome addition to this demo showing some variation. Final track Transfiguration brings the melody and ferocity together into a total showcase of Vomit Spell, great stuff. (7/10)

With the in your face title of Eat Shit And Die! Feaces Christ come to the front. Their self-titled track opens with pure Metal energy and filthy riffs. There is a certain Nekrofilth vibe, the vocals are also quite similar albeit deeper and more Death Metal, but the catchy lyrics are none the less present. In true putrid fashion we soon get to Spit Bath, a Punk infused Death Metal laden crusher full of memorability, and killer vocals. Postmortal Romeo and Gorehound provide further carnage and dashes of catchy Death Punk. The demo ends with Bottle Knife, which is a borderline Grind attack, fitting and true to the band’s sound. (8/10)

Finally it’s time for some Death Doom with Mortal Incarnation and their demo Lunar Radiant Dawn. The first of two tracks Infinite Consciousness Unchained From The Mortal Incarnation starts out as purist Death Metal but progresses to include Doom riffs and a far slower pace. Vocally the demo is guttural, almost Funeral Doom in nature and the instrumentation appears pulled straight from the 90s. Final track A Dismal Propagation Into Decay is of a similar ilk, although it’s ten minute plus duration amplifies the Doom aspect. Is it the best Death Doom I’ve ever heard? Probably not but none the less I would certainly be interested to hear more from Mortal Incarnation. (7/10)

(George Caley)