I’m soon to be moving house (not that you readers care) but with that move comes a dream of mine. Finally, I will have a music room! Somewhere to display all of my musical forages, and not only that somewhere to go and just indulge in music. With this I keep thinking about what I want to listen to first in there. Black Metal is something that I’ve missed the full experience of, especially in cassette form, and so I think it’s probably going to be fitting to go for that, something atmospheric, warm and empowering no doubt.

Speaking of Black Metal, we come to Dkharmakhaoz a mysterious Belarusian duo whom go by the names He and She. Adding to their intrigue the band give us their debut recording Proclamation Ov The Black Suns through Iron Bonehead Productions. A label synonymous with the kvlt and trve, and often times a great sign of quality. The album promises a second wave 90s Black Metal sound with modern ideas. I must say that’s the kind of description I like in my Black Metal, so let’s get to it.

The album opens with a creeping ambience in The Cycle Ov Omega (extra trve points for the use of Ov). Then it’s straight into the carnage, messy drums, thick riffs that still have time for melody and a rasping traditional vocal that is perfectly produced. As we get into The Way With The Serpent Entwined it’s clear of Dkharmakhaoz’s brief, striking, not overly complex Black Metal that leaves a mark with the listener, it’s just different enough to be its own entity. At the crossing of the album is the titular track which displays further catchy instrumentation that moves between melody and dissonance. It’s a great combination that works really well, a solid sound all round for this record.

Chthonic Rites Ov Fertility adds to the aforementioned dissonance and gives us an oddly atmospheric and epic affair. The vocals in particular on this track are haunting, different and something that I’m sure fans of Black Metal will be enthralled by. Ascension takes the album into some more modern waters, slightly experimental at points and full of bizarre musicianship and vocals it’s certainly a stand out for the album. To top things off we’re given Reu Nu Pert Em Hru, this song is a fitting marriage of 90’s and modern Black Metal, it serves as a strong closure to the album.

Sitting back and reflecting after the record I’m pleased to report that this is some seriously strong Black Metal. It’s forward thinking but still very ‘trve’ to the genre’s roots and at the same time has little time for pomp. As anyone who reads my reviews on the regular will know I’m not one for interludes or filler of any kind. Proclamation Ov The Black Suns has none of this, just straight up solid Black Metal, good sound, different and interesting, check it out!

(8/10 George Caley)