Wow is it really four years since Ebola and drummer Bornyhake Ormenos poured their insatiable scorn on the earth with 2016’s ‘D6s6nti6rro’, an album I reviewed for Ave Noctum here. Indeed it’s hard to believe that they could even match the wrath and unmitigated toxicity that was wielded on that release but they certainly have with this eighth hostile saturated album that begins with ‘Capilla Ardiente’. I’d even stick my neck out and say that the duo have topped the release and stretched the boundaries even further with nine tracks that rain down such obsidian causticity that no discerning black metal fan should be shying away from this band. There is no intro to the album as it detonates with inhumanity, blasting with a malignancy you just don’t hear very often in the genre. Backing up the songs are delicately placed atmospherics and distorting lead work that conjure up ghoulish, nightmarish and apparitional terror.

‘Necra Exequia’ continues the horrifying journey this duo send you on, never allowing you a moments relaxation, never allowing you an instant to think about what you are witnessing, as the song tears into your body with remorseless callousness. The vocals possess a savagery, a rabidity and bestial possession that rips you apart as the song utilises fabulous tempo dynamics with consistent adroitness. That tempo flair rears up brilliantly on ‘El Retorno’ as the initial slow opening atmospheric riff paves the way for the barraging blast wave that ensues but it is the superb transition riff change that really catches the ear and has an almost sleazy style, believe it or not, that will have you thinking about Carpathian Forest.

Flowing smoothly and cohesively into ‘Reencarnacion’ the track has a slower pace again as that cool riff sequencing has that sleaze aura yet is acrimoniously dripping in acridity. The abrupt surge in pace is done with aplomb and even though it isn’t quite blasted the violence is palpable before slowing down for the more atmospheric ‘Lapida Condenada’. Whilst still rancorous the backing choral like stance with tortured vocals is ghastly and ghoulish before the explosive speed insertion. I cannot understate how utterly vitriolic the vocals are on this album, Ebola personifies the definition of black metal vocals as the song plunges the pace into a funereal chasm. Even if that section is brief it allows the finale of the songs blasted piece to be that more emphasised.

‘Culto A La Muerte’ begins with a far more atmospheric phase, with a haunting backdrop and very subtle choral vocal that is just audible before the breath-taking terror that emanates. As the song evolves it unleashes a colossal double bass that is just wondrous as the bass work really comes into its own here. Listening to it you can hear it pulsing in the song adding its own blackened heart to the song’s malfeasance. Crashing in is ‘Crematorio’ which juts sharply against the preceding track but in a good way as another sleaze like riff appears but here the vocals take on a chaotic approach, appearing to morph out of nowhere right before a superb riff break as the song produces horrific hideousness with devastating effectiveness leaving only the atmospheric charms of outro ‘Eternidad’ to leave you in no doubt that Cryfemal are one of the top true black metal bands that you should really be listening to right now.

(9.5/10 Martin Harris)