What a time to be alive, the pubs are re-opening on this very day after being shut for several months. The world continues to churn and vomit out its soul and we can go, get a pint and a packet of pork scratchings again. Musical performances are banned and we really seem to be in times of dystopia. Some of us have hidden observing, waiting, hoping for the world to die. Wouldn’t it actually be for the best if a restart button was hit and mankind was eradicated? Probably and there is still time for this to occur especially as those in control are blustering their way forward and pushing us ever closer to the precipice with their genocidal acts. It’s for the good of the people and the economy and if ever it needed a soundtrack this could well be it; the 3rd album from apocalyptic death disco fiends Blitzkrieg Baby. This is very much their domain, having recounted “humanity’s hubris and callousness” over several grim and nihilistic releases Kim Solve along with cohorts (Bjeima, The Right Reverend Mr. B, Aymeric Thomas, and Frederic Arbour) have us staring into the void once more and contemplating the ills of a sick world a bit like a musical mondo movie. Be warned stepping outside whatever safe bubble you have placed yourself in and listening to this is not necessarily a wise option. This is music for the doomsayers, those revelling in the fact that the end may well be nigh. There is no hope within its cauldron of seething resentment and industrial malaise. But step in, it’s probably safer here than in a crowded public plague pit where mass infection is just a spit of saliva away…

Throughout lockdown we have heard of despicable acts and murders, the world continues to bring out the crazies and on first look at the track-list here it appears that Blitzkrieg Baby are playing a most “dangerous game,” hunting humanities weakest for sport in a plot we have seen many a time. It seems an apt accompaniment to Craig Zobel’s recent film The Hunt, hell it even has a pig in it and Trump hated it. Perhaps Blitzkrieg Baby could get a copy of this album to him as well, he could make use of the cut-out pig mask that’s included with it too. Now there’s a thought as ‘Open Season On Humanity’ is declared; its most definitely time for a purge. ‘Kill Them All’ is the grim mantra delivered over implements being sharpened and grim robotic beats. It’s a place for survival of the fittest, the fattest are doomed and their flesh may well be consumed in a cannibalistic orgy. It’s disconcerting and completely lacking in humanity here as we are urged to contemplate each chop of the blade and a grizzly feast has some of us dangerous individuals, the sort of people who actually enjoy this type of music, on the verge of mania and licking lips in anticipation. Sudden urgency as the hunted are released the ‘Manhunt’ is underway and there’s an enrichment of sound and speed with their flight. Instrumental tracks are counterpoised with lyrical sewage and this one even has a jaunty rave like intensity about it as the participants dance with glee at the prospect of their upcoming Turkey Shoot. ‘One By One’ they are taken to what sounds like a stalking cinematic score one part Laibach and another Holst bringing the war with little in the way of sportsmanship for our assembled, fleeing prey. Percussion has that Test Department, SPK thwack about it and this is incredibly dark and delicious stuff. What do we do with those taken, as noise rumbles like cold machinery slicing into bodily parts? Well no worries as the information is relayed over strange and sinister sounds, and limbs and organs are broken down to more digestible portions, we can ‘Feed Them To The Pigs’ They won’t be complaining and telling porkies and there’s bound to be an accommodating Farmer Zambrini somewhere in this plot.

Like a darkest dreadful lullaby, the macabre ‘Just Another Throat To Slit’ furthers the butchery and takes us into a waltz of death that chills to the very bones. Once you disassemble the grimness and mechanical fashion our killer goes about his chores, it really is quite offal (sorry). Dark industrial similar to serial killer musicologists MZ412 brings more mechanical noise with thudding beats on the instrumental title track. It is sexy in the same way putting on a new skin is for a fetishist serial killer who naturally was one of the first to sign up for this hunt and the bleak brief funeral of ‘Pop.0’ leaves us with the taste of the finale on our tongues. All hail the victor and as ‘Piggy’ strides over a mound of carrion to claim his throne, dancing in the fire as bits spit and sizzle, we can but salute him in triumph. What next for him, perhaps love, we should maybe order a wedding trough but that’s a foul story best left for another time; if we are still here to tell it of course.

Intrigued, horrified, indeed you should be. Blitzkrieg Baby don’t tell nice bedtime stories and their music is the stuff of nightmares. Now is the perfect time to hear them and this and debut album ‘Porcus Norvegicus’ are both getting the vinyl treatment via Cloister Recordings and can be endured via Bandcamp now.

(8/10 Pete Woods)