Black metal has always been a breeding ground for solo projects of widely varying quality, many of which release albums at ridiculous rates much of which are just garbage. Taking the time to write quality black metal where one individual is playing all the instruments and doing the vocals takes skill and time which thankfully Mts, from Germany, who heads up this project alongside multiple others he is involved, fits into the top echelons of solo projects in black metal.

This is his first full length under this moniker following last year’s EP ‘Urgewalt’ and what can only be summed up as unholy sonic Armageddon, this is one breath taking assault on the senses. After an obligatory, if clichéd, intro of bells, chants etc. the opener ‘Knochen Zu Asche, Kronen Zu Rost’ unleashes a piercing riff with cymbal smashing intent that leads into the blast beat. With acidic vocals salivating causticity the song channels its corrosive resolve into opulent savagery where tempo changes are rife and the vocals undergo morphing changes to pagan like chants producing a texture you don’t ordinarily find in warring black metal.

Exploding into life is ‘Tievelswizzan’ where the battery of the song hints at a Sargeist or Horna like stance, or Marduk if you prefer a more familiar name, where an obsidian bitterness showers riffing shards of malignancy down on the pitiful listener as the inhumanity is palpable and the warlike purposefulness is hostile and enraging. Continuing the hatred is the excellent title track where a double kick blanket is laid down before the blasting foray returns. The scathing vocals continue to spit their rancour as the pulverising double kick arrives in swathes before a change in pace and atmosphere greets the listener on ‘Vreveler’ where a monastic chant opens the track. With pagan like qualities again the song produces a tribal like beat that is very effective creating an ambient aura that acts like a bridging tune into the fantastic ‘Tievelsühtic’ which unleashes a blisteringly assault. The catchy riffing, and it does have a catchiness despite the unerring speed, is balanced by a fabulous riff break and thrash like cymbal smashing segue. The cleaner vocal elements were a surprise but again very effective and captivating before the song careers back into the speed.

There are no weak tracks here, indeed I could write about everyone but I’ll miss the odd one out and close the review by mentioning the epic closer ‘Urgewalt’. I can’t quite decide if this is my favourite song or not, I keep changing my mind because there are so many great songs on this album. Opening with an isolated guitar riff gives you goose flesh before the song detonates with ridiculous speed. Again there is an inhumanity to the inexorable speed, that sense of barbarity that black metal needs to be, terrorizing as the song remorselessly delivers sonic horror that has a hypnotic factor because it shows no signs of easing up. By about half way in the song does ease up momentarily for a brief atmospheric pause, but only briefly before the terror returns and takes the listener to the songs finale where the isolated riff returns.

Few black metal album are as pernicious, volatile, acrimonious and warlike as this and considering it’s a solo project it is to be even more commended as YounA should be on all black metal fans purchasing lists.

(9.5/10 Martin Harris)