Do you like the works of Rob Zombie? Hellbound do, like Airbourne like Akka Dakka if you catch my drift. The album starts with a snippet of Hellbound- Hellraiser II and then Too Fast to Die begins. It is basically Supercharger Heaven bolted onto a power metal song. You can sing the former along with it for the most part and then play guitar hero over the latter. There are plenty of movie clips on the album (wonder where they got that much mocked idea from ?). The music is muddy. The industrial bits are hidden under cod metal riffs and what could be fun Lordi style heavy monster metal is nullified by silly choruses and trad solos.

Ralph from Primal Fear turns up for a vocal turn on “Screaming in the Dark” but offers nothing really to lift the monotony. This all sounds 20 years too late.

Overlords starts with a hillbilly bluegrass swing that just returns to the same boring Zombie/Power Metal mash up

Atlantis Rise has a bit of a groove to it – that groove is still Supercharger Heaven lite but got my toes tapping for a few moments before boredom set in.

Interesting that they have a track on here entitled “Out of Time”. This album certainly is.  The accompanying blurb claims that they play Hill Billy metal – the bastard son of Rob Zombie and Dolly Parton. I think Dolly should sue.

Listen to White Zombie then listen to a Dolly playlist you will have a lot more of fun than is offered up here.

(2/10 Matt Mason)