Like an Ewok drowned in a honeypot this E.P is short and sweet.

If you liked American crossover, Britcore and Scandi punk back in the 80’s you are gonna love Obnoxious Youth.  This sounds like it should have featured on a green flexidisc with either Sounds or Thrasher magazine when I was a kid.  The members are obviously stuck up musos with one head in the upper echelons of the music world. Anal on bass, Semen and Cadaver on lead guitars, Cult on drums and Coffin on vocals, sitar and theramin. Ah, my kind of scum!

The music? Wall to wall raw adrenaline, with each riff and snare hit reeking of skidded knees, bloodied noses and dettol. It’s like Jailcell Recipes, The Stupids, Disfear and Sabbat (Japan) got caught in a terrible bus accident and were reanimated by Shane Embury after he stitched all the bits together randomly.  If I have one issue with this release it’s the lengths of the tracks. Three minutes plus is just too long. I want to be blasted in the face quickly and then thrown onto the next blow before I can register it.  The opening track Cockroach has a trick intro which I won’t spoil as it fooled me at first. Once things get going the mayhem is full on. The title track sounds and feels like a jockstrap full of angry bees.

“Funeral” is akin to full on punky Darkthrone covering early Maiden with odd prog bits injected into it.

“Succumb” has a quick wibble of theremin and then drops into a mid-paced black n roll piece with crazy psychedelic progged out sections. The drugs seriously got mixed up at this party! I can even hear bits of the Osmonds Crazy Horses in there.  This is great fun!

“The Eye” finds us back in a skate bowl covered in beer. Full on thrashcore assault. Coffins vocals are fantastic, a perfect blend of Blackened rasp and punked up fury with each word rendered an obliterated mess but all the better for it.

The closer “Dripping Organs” is sublime – spiralling guitar solos that remind me of Fat John in The Exploited and just fun and frantic craziness ending in a theremin induced head explosion.

So fast. So fun. So furious. Love it.

(8.5/10 Matt Mason)