Some bands like to make us wait, Necrophagist springs to mind (come on guys, you’ve never officially split up). For a perhaps more relatable and indeed recent example we can look to Tool with the wait for Fear Inoculum, but was it worth the wait? Probably not. Although to see Tool back on the road is very pleasing (one of the best shows I’ve ever seen at Download 2019). But I digress we’re not here to talk about the mainstream we’re here for brutality!

A band whom consistently cause us to wait are Twitch Of The Death Nerve. Formed in 2004 they released a split the following year with Bludgeon and Corpse Carving called And Then There Were Three. It pretty much blew up and secured the band a place among Myspace Brutal Death royalty. In 2008 the band played a hallowed set at Mountains Of Death, but then it all went silent. They appeared to be but a legend upon the lips of BDM fanatics. Then in 2014 came the incredible debut A New Code Of Morality which made the underground rejoice. Alas now, after another lengthy gap we welcome 2020’s A Resting Place For The Wrathful through Comatose Music.

The title track opens with atypical Twitch flare, ultra-guttural vocals tinged with shrieks. Muddy thick guitars and relentless drums make for an all-out BDM assault that isn’t afraid to be packed with clean cut production and memorable instrumentation, and Slams of course. Ochlocratic Prostration and Apotropaic Scarification equally aren’t afraid to tread the paths of old. They both bolster the album with well thought out, powerful songwriting that can only prove further that these guys are the real deal. Full of flare and a classic BDM/ Slam sound this is just the sort of record for new and old fans alike, truly impressive.

The haunting ambience of A Witness To Ruination ushers in the second half of the album with great and epic power. It would perhaps have been better suited as the introductory track to the whole album, but thankfully it doesn’t detract from the progressive power of perhaps the strongest song on the record. The Locard Principle challenges its predecessors title with further insane, borderline Tech Brutal Death. Truly inspirational and invigorating, another gem from this classic Slam inducing band. Bringing forth the Slams in full force is Immured In Dissociation, heavy crushing blows present themselves without pomp. They wave across us with little effort and full effect, a recipe for perfection. If you like tasty riffs then be sure to head straight to the records climax Promulgation Of Infected Innards for a feast of prime musicianship and a stellar closure.

Twitch is made up of members and ex-members of some real underground heavyweights. The likes of Beef Conspiracy, Repulsive Dissection, and Carnivore Diprosopus to name but a few. If you like your BDM untainted but the modern tides of Deathcore then look no further. A Resting Place For The Wrathful is a prime cut of UK Death Metal and again begs the question, why is this band not bigger! Be a part of this change and submit yourselves to Twitch Of The Death Nerve.

(9/10 George Caley)