It seems like only yesterday that post rock quartet Telepathy had released their debut EP ‘Fracture’ and were supporting the likes of Latitudes at small pub venues. Fast forward nine years and the band are now on their third full-length album and have been picked up by Finnish label Svart Records. Their densely layered instrumental flourishes of atmospheric sludge and post metal have become a staple of the UK’s underground music scene, and the band are quickly making a name for themselves.

‘Burn Embrace’ is a not a huge departure from Telepathy’s previous releases – the guitar meanders its way through a steady flow of chugging riffs and softer melodies, accompanied by a weighty bassline and percussion that crashes like waves. Imagine a half way point between Pelican and Russian Circles, with a sprinkle of Isis and you’ll have an idea of what to expect from Telepathy. The stylistic shifts throughout this record are subtle enough to not feel disjointed, yet keep the pace interesting enough that the record doesn’t become a chore to listen to – a challenge that a lot of instrumental bands fail to rise to.

This is a solid addition to the Telepathy discography and an opus that will please fans of anything that falls into the ever broadening spectrum of post/doom/sludge. A refreshing change to note is that this record sits at 45 minutes spread over seven tracks – what can often be most off-putting about this particular genre is that bands will kick the arse out of songs, with a run time of 90 minutes split across two to three songs. Telepathy keep their music concise, offering up just enough to hold your attention and keep you coming back for repeat listens.

(7/10 Angela Davey)