Do you like blastbeats? Well, if you do, come closer, gather round, listen up, because this has got blastbeats galore. If you also like industrial music and electronica, you’re in for a treat.

Omega Infinity are a relatively new band consisting primarily of two people, Tentakel P. of German band Todtgelichter and Xenoyr of Ne Obliviscaris from Australia. They started out as a studio project in 2018 initiated by Tentakel P., Xenoyr later joined as a vocalist. Solar Spectre is the project’s impressive debut album.

The LP takes us on a cacophonous journey through our solar system. To enjoy this voyage in its full splendour, you will need a very good stereo or headphones, otherwise this will seem like an ear-splitting mixture of harsh noises. This is black and death metal with deep, growly vocals, laced with hollow industrial sounds and spherical tunes. Blut aus Nord come to mind, but minus the hallucinogens.

The album’s nine tracks are named after and dedicated to the planets of our system and its central star; the album’s compositions incorporate the planets’ traits. Jupiter, for example, is the most massive planet in the solar system, and the track named after him has consequently a slower tempo compared to other tracks, featuring pounding, sluggish drumming. Sol, on the other hand, is the fastest, most furious track, reminding you of speed and thrash metal, but with a pleasant, harmonious subcurrent of keyboard sounds. Terra is a musical descent into chaos.

The only clear deviation of the frantic sonic template are the tracks Uranus and Neptune. Representing planets with exceptionally low temperatures, also called ice giants, they remind me of the noises produced with singing glasses. The spherical tunes of Uranus serve as an instrumental intro to the album, whereas Neptune, though different from the rest of the LP, is one of the central tracks, featuring clean, dreamy female vocals amongst its floating music.

While the planets of our solar system and their features are explored in depth via the album’s music, the lyrics also comment on the medium that the planets are situated in, including its philosophical implications. The deep void is also what inspired the band’s name. “Omega Infinity stands for something that is far greater, ancient or powerful than any god or demon humanity has invented; the darkness between galaxies – the equivalent of cosmic darkness – the Nothing beyond existence – The Deep Dark Void.”

Impressive, loud, dramatic, cold. Absolutely worth checking out.

(8/10 Slavica)