Ghostbusters 2. A movie that is often forgotten about by nostalgists. It lacks the Marshmallow man and the first glimpse of Slimer, but I enjoyed it on release and subsequent surprise viewings on T.V. The villain of the piece was the ludicrously named Vigo Von Homburg Deutchendorf, the fella that comes out of the haunted painting. A trio of true metal loving musicians were so enamoured by the “Scourge of Carpathia” they named their band after him.

After three albums of traditional Conan style lyrics in epic metal style Lord Vigo have changed tack and opted for their take on retro Sci Fi and with a touch of Film Noir (or so their PR say).

What does this amount to? Well in reality it is epic sounding lower energy power metal with additional pseudo sci fi clips and echoey machine like voices.

Musically they fall somewhere between Manowar, Helloween and Cirith Ungol. A nice pulsating classic metal bassline permeated many of the songs like “The Verge of Time” which also contains a drum fill that sounds like it comes straight out of the sticks of Mick Shrimpton (Tap fans).

There is a fair amount of swagger to be found in Danse De Noir, this is music for hirsute men wearing denim waistcoats with bare chests beneath with what sounds like clips from a Flash Gordon rip off thrust between each macho musing – with even some cod Vangellis synths underneath.  Maidenesque intro’s are there to be found – “And then the Planets Align” starts with a classic Murray/Smith line before leaping off in another direction entirely. I can only think that a polystyrene asteroid wobbled into view.

It is good fun – repetitive and unoriginal but so many things that we enjoy are like that. “Shoulder of Orion” sounds like it has church bells bonging during it which is more village fete than unending void of space. You can imagine the sets moving in the background of any video. Blakes 7 rather than Star Wars but there is nowt wrong with that.

If a fuck tonne of retro doom acts are latching onto Hammer there is no reason that these chaps should not delve into the kitsch world of lo fi sci fi.

“Between Despair and Ecstasy” changes everything! It is like a cheesy 80’s goth pop/rock banger lost on the end credits of Return of the Living Dead 4. Imagine Platinum Blonde, Balaam and the Angel and Billy Idol getting drunk at the Whiskey and trying to do a Banshees covers band. Love it. That is the badger right there.

The gothic groove continues with “ As Silence Grows Old” but turns into a wailing warbling mess of vocals over a King Diamond B – side.

“Memento Mori “! that follows just sounds like a slowed down version of its predecessor.

Lord Vigo would do well to drop the sci fi schtick and trappings of “true“ metal and embrace their dark pop rock side. They got something going there.

(5/10 Matt Mason)