Right, no fannying about…. Wombbath are the nuts. What do you need to know? Well, despite having released their first demo in 1992, the band originally only recorded one album the classic  “Internal Caustic Torments” in 1993 before sadly chucking it in. Why? I dunno. Anyway, main man and sole original member Hakan Stuvemark (also of Skineater) resurrected Wombbath a few years later ably assisted by Jonny Pettersson – himself a ludicrously talented and productive dude in almost as many bands as Rogga Johansson – and the band smashed out a series of splits and LPs with “Choirs Of The Fallen” being their third together. As always Wombbath have released an absolute treat of an album. Atmospheric old school Swedish death metal blow your skirt up? Prepare to be blown into orbit.

This LP has all you need from a death metal release spookily melodic solos, chunky-ass riffs, some brilliant, propulsive drumming from fresh faced young scamp Jon Rudin, a fat bass sound Giulio Rimoli, and Jonny Pettersson barking and growling like a cornered ginger yeti.

Opening track “Fallen” sets you up with a full on artillery barrage of full on riffgasmic death metal.

Contrasting beautifully is track 2 “Crawling from the Pits” with its eerie opening building up to an absolute banger. Other tracks like “A Sweet Taste of Death” slow things down and really showcase Jonny Pettersson’s vocal range which is quite unlike any other DM vocalist I can think of.

“Wings of Horror” is a groove laden slice of Swedeath savagery which brings to mind “To Ride, Shoot Straight & Speak The Truth” era Entombed, killer track which features a weird but fittingly creepy bit of what sounds like keyboard action. Really though, every one of the ten tracks is a belter and this is an album of supreme death metal quality and really does deserve to be on the shelf of any self-respecting death metal fan.

(9/10 Mark Eve)