I am not even going to try and tag all the rag bag members of this industrial troupe as it would be a ridiculously huge list. Suffice to say that the cast brings to mind the revolving door policy of Pigface back in the 90’s. There are core members including some who did time in that particular group as well as various guests. Just think anyone and everyone involved in a scene that stretches from Stabbing Westward, RevCo, KMFDM, My Life With The Thrill Kill Cult, Ministry, Nitzer Ebb and more. Singers, instrumentalists, producers and even the occasional rusty kitchen sink are in on the act here. I personally last heard them on the release of debut EP ‘This Will Kill You’ back in 2019 and although ‘Blue Girl’ is another EP release it certainly isn’t short on material. The band themselves are sporting carnivalesque masks and costumes looking like something out of a Mexican Day Of The Dead party on their recent promo shots. No doubt they would be colourful and great to catch on the live circuit. Obviously though that just ain’t gonna happen at the moment so we will have to wait patiently for that side of things and fix on the music here instead.

With a yell of track title ‘Destroy” we are off with a blast of guitars and joined by brooding beats. This is pumped up and pretty damn explosive, just what you need a slap round the chops to wake you up. Simmering down a little it bounces away with enthusiasm and gives you a good shake like a dog with a rag doll caught in its jaws. Catchy and taking reference from all the above and many other bands you can think of it still has its own unique twist and is short enough to make you want to go quickly back and hear it again. ‘The Badlander’ is sporting a kilt and quickly whips it up shocking you with what’s underneath. Yep the Scots drawl almost rapped out should be obvious to all as its Chris Connelly in all his glory. The backbone of the track is solid and groovy with a little bit in the way of experimental in the percussion (there’s that sink) thrown in for good measure. Apart from that obvious one I am afraid I would be guessing on particular singers but we get a feminine side on the sassy on ‘The Capsule Answer’ and it kind of takes me back to favourite Pigface album Notes From Thee Underground (RIP Genesis) with its eclectic melange of layered sounds, back scratching freneticism and myriad voices joining in on the fray. Hell, there’s even some elongated operatic warbling thrown in for good measure. There’s plenty going on here but despite that too many cooks serve up a perfectly fine dish.

We come to the title track and this Blue Girl is a slow-burning and somewhat sultry number that gets under the skin and has you swaying along. Once heard it won’t be long before you are singing along and if it doesn’t hook you in on 1st listen there is both a clean radio and explicit edit thrown in for good measure. It did mine and to be honest this made these extras surplus to requirements but thank you very much. A bit of ‘Dysfunctional Masturbation’ never did anyone any harm and we get some here with a chorus that has a definite commercial sheen to it at odds with the subject matter. It’s actually a little Therapy? To my ears and perfect to rock out with your cock out, but considering things that goes without saying. Grindy, windy with some classic guitar lines, chants, spoken word parts and nasally main vocals ‘Vile’ is a bit of a shot in the arm and more experimental by nature and ‘Dead Weight’ is a future poptastic rocker with great bass lines and romps hard to the finish line complete with some Tubeway Army synth lines. Stick around for the extra mixes and cover of Siouxsie & The Banshees classic ‘Cities In Dust’ if you wish although as it did on original release this perfectly fine rendition will be going round in your head for weeks.

(7.5/10 Pete Woods)