These Canadian’s are no strangers to these pages; their epic doom laden metal hit a sweet spot last year. This release is an EP with two new tracks, a cover version and the three demo tracks from their 2019 demo. With their full length last year, there was a crossover with traditional metal. On the new tracks there’s more footprints into a doom corridor. The particular highlight is the second new track ‘Warrior Witch of Hel’. With the sound of Sarah Ann’s vocal’s, I cannot help feeling Solitude Aeturnus, but remember there is much more scope to delve into beneath the surface. One clue is their Manilla Road Cover. This is ‘Cage of Mirrors’ from the ’82 release ‘Metal’. Thankfully not another cover from ‘Crystal Magic’! Whilst the vocals are a touch broken, gives some credence to the original Shelton emotion that also displayed the same emotive delivery.

To complete the release, the three demo tracks are included, which compiles all their earlier material in one place for newcomers. This is an extremely hard working band who clearly have a massive passion for their own material. Whilst I always consider EP’s as stopgaps between albums, any self-respecting epic metal/doom fan should check out this release.  There is no denying their influence, their quest continues.

(7.5/10 Paul Maddison)