Pure Wrath are, despite two full lengths to their name, a new Indonesian one-man band to me and despite the name this is not lo-fi bestial war metal. In fact, as soon as ‘When A Great Man Dies’ begins you are struck by both atmosphere and controlled aggression. Add in a rather good production and it’s a ‘ preconceptions be damned ‘ situation.

This is apparently a trailer for the new album, an EP of an historical theme concerning a genocide committed by nationalists in Indonesia. It is strange but musically you might be mistaken for thinking this was UK based. It has that stormy, bleak touch of Winterfylleth to it with a swirl of Emperor but with a curious touch of earlier Chthonic in the keyboards, or Cradle Of Filth I guess. The melody is huge, driving and strong, the song immediate. The song-writing and arrangements are really impressive, the keyboards beautifully integrated, the balance between aggression and melody stormy but perfect.

Second track ‘Children Of The Homeland’ pretty much follows this. There’s something, particularly in the vocals, that utterly convinces you. It has a passion, a commitment that is unmistakable. It finds a softer midsection that really goes for the gut, emotionally.

Closer ‘With Their Names Engraved’ rounds out twenty seven minutes of very classy, atmospheric black metal in Winterfylleth elegiac style.

If you’re looking for something incorporating more local, traditional musical themes you need to look elsewhere. The influences here run deep and shine out. It also has its own concerns though, lyrically, and it is so good you can forgive so much. It has real emotional integrity woven into a melancholy atmosphere that is hugely impressive.

On the strength of this I will really look-forward to the full album.

(7/10 Gizmo)