Having previously released a digital and cassette version of this EP in December 2019 Polish label Fallen Temple has seen fit to reissue it on CD format and digitally again. Hailing from Chile, the band has that unique grisly South American oppressiveness where everything is raw, old school and completely drenched in putridity. Adopting a doom death framework ensures every song skulks, crawls and slimily infects every pore of your essence. “Distancia” begins the putrescence with a slow tar like sequence that owes, to some extent, to the UK doom death scene of the early 90s. With the song creeping slowly with subtle menace the pace retains that funerary atmosphere before the subtle riff morphing that couples to the gruesome vocals, which utter their poison with guttural grisliness.

The title track follows reasserting a claustrophobic asphyxiation amidst the bone shaking drum work which influxes double bass periodically to great effect. The tempering of the density with sporadic hooks adds a slight respite to the smothering, right until the feedback laced pause. The bass and drum fill completely juts against the rest of the song formidably before returning to the much slower domination. Being slightly more upbeat “Pernicioso” offers some respite from the murky onslaught as the pace also picks up a notch to reveal a catchier persona yet harnessing an abrasiveness before the surge in double bass amplifies the opacity.

Closing this EP is “Destruccion De Fe” a much shorter tune relatively, it begins with a fine bass line before the drum work thrusts into the mix producing another catchy track that bristles with strangulating hooks and animalistic vocals. The guitar solo is typically eerie, squealing with tortured glee in the background before the drum work comes back to implode the song. Submerging your ears into the vat of corruption that is Pistilos Opium is something I would commend you to do, as whilst this is their debut EP the expectations for the next are now extremely high indeed.

(7.5/10 Martin Harris)