Although the label is based in India head honcho Kunal seems to spend no short amount of time trawling the globe and looking for the best of death and doom to release to a wider audience. Medium from Argentina are very much a case to this point and actually released this as a demo back in 2018 by the seems of things. I have to admit we don’t get a huge amount of artists from this particular part of S. America despite there being no shortage of bands there but this short 18 minute 7 tracker sounded an interesting cross genre mash up so here we go. Will it be a case of rare, medium or even well-done?

Essentially using a base of grindcore its quickly evident that quartet are not simply about providing a short, sharp, tear your face off shock but give things plenty of breathing time and a highly melodic take on the genre incorporating death, punk and even some lingering hardcore sensibilities into their craft. Apart from being a great title ‘Skullcomet Sorcery’ broods in with what sounds like an emergency services broadcast before ramping up guitars and drums and romping off. Vocalist Lucien has a gruff and raw growling delivery which matches the bounce of the music and there are plenty of melodic hooks from the guitars here. Add some squealing riffs and a bit of a crusty Discharge vibe and you have some neat groove demanding a pit full of ugly. Its all kept pretty much old-school and numbers like ‘Maximum Rampage’ do exactly what they describe, giving you a good thumping work-out over a scant but fiery 2-minute running time. Yep you’ll be banging that head very much while listening to this and infected by doomy apocalyptic sounding guitar melody. A snappy and volatile brew, one track quickly batters into the next and slams you about like a good un. Perhaps its something about the language on ‘El Gigante’ but you can imagine machetes being brandished as it has a gang like Brujeria feel about it and is pretty damn hostile to boot. The drumming on ‘Gargola’ gives a decent pummelling and the guitars shimmer and shine with a lethal cutting hue and ‘Night Vision’ rages around like a disgruntled rhino trampling everything in its path.

It may well be over in a flash but this definitely leaves a mark and will have you back for another listen quick smart.

(7/10 Pete Woods)