Igorrr exploded onto people’s radars back in 2017 with the release of ‘Savage Sinusoid’ – the mastermind behind this experimental musical project, Gautier Serre, defied genre and broke down musical boundaries using a multi instrumental approach. His use of abrasive electronics mixed with oppressive heaviness and classical tangents isn’t the easiest listen, but it’s definitely interesting. ‘Spirituality and Distortion’ follows much the same path as its predecessor but is firmly rooted in much heavier territory, while exploring a slightly different stylistic and song writing approach.

While no two songs are ever exactly alike, the titles go a long way in explaining what they’re going to sound like – ‘Camel Dancefloor’ has an Eastern feel to it, while ‘Nervous Waltz’ is as erratic sounding as its title. There are a lot of guest musicians involved in the making of this record, each adding their own unique signature to the tracks they’re involved with. Violinist Timba Harris, bassist Mike Leon, pianist Matt Lebofsky, Oud player Mehdi Haddab, accordion player Pierre Mussi, Kanoun player Fotini Kokkala, and harpsichordist Benjamin Bardiaux all add to the collective mayhem, while Laure Le Prunenec and Laurent Lunoir lend their voices in both operatic and demonic growls respectively. Even Corpsegrinder of Cannibal Corpse lends his throaty to roar to the bone shattering heaviness of ‘Parpaing’.

Approach Igorrr with an open mind and you will be pleasantly surprised; there’s a lot to unpack on this album, however, it’s an intriguing and often fun listen. ‘Spirituality and Distortion’ is a glimpse into the musical genius/madness of Serre and, while jarring, is testament to the fact that for those that are motivated to do so inspiration can be found absolutely everywhere.

(8/10 Angela Davey)