This is a new band from Belgium; there is a lot of traffic around the internet about them I have seen recently. Essentially, this is an unashamed throwback metal release. To my ears more US metal and a touch of old British-ness, especially the pacier numbers. The music is really damn good and one of the freshest things I have heard in recent times. My only snag is the vocals. Remember the whine that Mark Slaughter had, well this is more so and very prominent resulting in a high end almost screaming delivery. Not that I am making this a major criticism, it is my choice, but it is not favourable for me. With that little nugget out of the way, I would say that the music is of a high quality. When some members describe themselves as a garrulous, rough housing troublemaker, such energy is transferred to the music. A song like ‘Metal and More’ is good, then you have ‘Speedline’ which is amazing, and then there is ‘Iron Mountain’ that is innovatively creative. The addition of the (what sounds like) a Hammond organ on this said track really augments the sound and shows a great deal of character.

The band are clearly here for fun, especially with the “character” names. The music a great, so I do hope that this goes a bit more serious and develops into more than this album release. The vocals, ok, I get it, I have mentioned it, I am over it, but yes, “beware agents of terror” this is a vibrant romp through some truly great metal interpretations. I hope they and the listeners give it the credit it is due. There is bad intentions, there is chaos, there is comedy…there is also a pretty cool Pat Benatar cover in ‘Heartbreaker’. Overall, ‘Terrifiant’ is and are a well-rounded album with some quirks added along the way, fun and frolics will develop. Give it a shot; it is satisfying that a fun project actually delivers a fun listening experience.

(7.5/10 Paul Maddison)