Fans of Mondo Generator must be salivating at the release of this album. Eight long years have passed since Nick Oliveri’s wrecking crew last unleashed their own brand of havoc. Not that the ex-Kyuss and Queens Of The Stone Age rocker hasn’t been busy in his own right with involvement in projects such as Kyuss Lives! And Vista Chino.

A sleazy, QOTSA inspired intro revs up into a raging, kick-arse riff on opener “Nowhere Man”. The opening brace of tracks are whiplash fast mixing chaotic, grindcore blasts on “Against The Void” with strutting groove on “Kyuss Dies” where there’s a whiff of The Guess Who’s “American Woman”. There’s a ton of crunch with a nice, raw garage feel that sets this album up nicely.

The aura of Black Flag hangs quite heavily over much of the album. Tracks like “Turboner” is a complete skull crusher full of heads down fury mixed with a deliciously slinky riff whilst “Death Comes” throws in some Discharge styled rage to create an incendiary mood full of raised middle finger snottiness.

“Fuck It” is pretty much everything you’d expect from the title track. Full of pissed off rage and QOTSA styled riffs on steroids, it’s a blast from start to finish. A breather mid-way only serves to accentuate the brewing angst before wah-wah soaked lead guitar bleeds back into the central riff. “I’m an angry boy so fuck it”…not much more to say really. There’s moments of complete hardcore punk chaos such as the circle pit inducing “S.V.E.T.L.A.N.A.S” that sits amongst heavy swingers like “Nothing Wrong” with a barked riff and writhing lick accompanied by edgy vocals. The album is pretty economical with most tracks coming in under three minutes. The few five-minute numbers take full advantage to get their point across like “Option Four” with its film bite intro that melts into a lazy riff full of grime and grit.

There’s an overall sense of immediacy on “Fuck It” that’s hard to resist. Punchy and with a poke in the eye attitude, Oliveri and Co have come up with an album that shows off their heritage and influences in equal measure. Go on, you know you want to…

(8/10 Johnny Zed)