I do like death metal albums that catapult the listener into a frenzied and demented assault the moment they start, as this US act does exactly that with their debut album following on from two EPs released five years ago plus. What this burgeoning act does so supremely well is blend caustic riffing contagion with an inherently catchy aura that infests the whole album. Noticeably the sound is especially razoring, possessing a sharpness that slices into you with every hook and riff. Added to that the vocals are barbaric, inhumanly delivered where each barked syllable feels like a maniacal affront to your very existence.

Kicking off this savage and cold-blooded release is “Warpath” where the blasting bombardment is tempered by copious riff changes that utilise a catchy structure as “Ex Inferis” follows harnessing a blackened edge that runs malicious rivulets throughout. The menacing riff exuding from the song has a disturbing quality I particularly liked especially when the speed ramps up with incendiary blast waves. That disturbing and creepy tinge continues into “Communion” where the slower riff base morphs into the double kick, which if I’m honest I would have preferred more penetration on the drum sound as a whole, but is a minor point and just how I like my death metal to sound. However the drum work is potently effective each hit emphasising the vitriolic riffs and hooks that run amok on the song as that tempered pace works to ingrain an eerie ethos.

The title track continues to assault the listener but here the riff takes a notch up in mood yet retains the frenzied approach as the blackened touches add a veneer of creepiness that I’ve already mentioned. “Language Of Creation” begins brilliantly with the bellowed song title paving way for the onslaught, which maintains a slower speed but is punctuated with blast beat wrath and is one of the best songs on the release. That blackened posturing is huge on “Limits Of Flesh” as the riff pierces with its tonally sharp sound and the blasting assails by blanketing you in acrimonious savagery.

The multitude of tempo changes on the album enables every song to keep the listener completely immersed as you never quite know what the hell the band is going to conjure up next as “Shiatan” perfectly exemplifies with its sporadic blasts being balanced by the slower more grisly elements as the song utilises an oppressive style linked to the guttural vocals leaving “The Plague Within” to finish you off with its half blasted strafing that is relentless until the awesome riff change which is just brilliant.

Utterly pernicious, Deadspawn unleash a venomous and deadly release that is feral, depraved and intensely ruthless.

(8.5/10 Martin Harris)