I think Trup may translate to Corpse but anything else about this strange Polish trio is quite honestly not particularly up for interpretation in any sense of the word. V, P & B the mentalists behind this outfit come across as somewhat unhinged and that is the polite way of putting it. This could well be the nuttiest release heard in some time and on first listen I wasn’t sure what to do with it. Opening the window here and flinging it out might have been the best option and I am sure the neighbours would have agreed but a bit of lunacy can be a good thing in moderation so I decided to stick with it.

Noise, grind, black, sludge whatever description you want to give to this caustic mess is not going to do it justice. Nothing about this is particularly right in the head. Even the track-listing is off with things being numerically numbered from 7-14. I guess that numbers 1-6 were put to music at some point although Metal Archives lists Szmula as a debut. Cue number 7 and what we get is hard drum beats giving way to raucous screams and deranged yells from possibly all 3 members of the group. The drums hammer back in and guitars grind away, everything is brutalised in just over a minute mark as are several of the numbers here but boy it still leaves you feeling as though you have been repeatedly kicked in the head and the balls constantly over the running time. Occasionally things are elongated with numbers lasting longer such as 9 which has a backdrop of subtle electronics over agonised screams and wails. There are low growls as well and this definitely has the etchings of madness littered all over it. Christ knows what the asylum take-over crew here are on or on about. There is the resemblance of a structured song here I guess even if it is on the whole an unmitigated racket. It’s not all breakneck speed either at times doom is injected and what sounds like real words are formed, in Polish so I still don’t have a clue but there are occasional stabs at establishing a formula rather than complete randomness here.

After cackling madly and acting like a pack of hyenas there is a groove of sorts found rumbling away in the background of number 11. I guess this could be the go-to track of the album, well most may try going to it before running away as fast as their legs can carry them but you get the idea. It certainly shouldn’t be the 8-minute plus unlucky number 13 that’s for sure. Thick bass rumbles away and one of the disturbed trio starts screaming about something, whatever it is he sounds pissed off about the world in general and the bleakness is joined in by other bandmates having a rant alongside him. Noise builds, drums start a slow beat and the apocalypse is generally but turgidly unleashed into a battering melee. Stop the world, I wanna get off! The album may only be 27 minutes long but it may well still have you curled up in a ball by the time it gets to the end. Then again and even more dangerously you may end up actually liking it. I did, at least I think so?

(7/10 Pete Woods)