This is Spanish band Iron Curtain’s fourth album, and based on the progression from Speed and NWoBHM influence through to the metal might of Priest on their last offering ‘Guilty as Charged’, I have high hopes for this. As soon as the album starts, it does quickly become apparent their influence has gone further back in time to the early part of the NWoBHM movement, Samson for example spring to mind.

You don’t feel much difference to earlier albums with the opener ‘Wildlife’, as this is fast, and keeps you jogging along. To be fair so does ‘Stormbound’ and a lot of the other tracks do so as well. My only real gripe here is the production which I find quite really stale, mainly from the drum sound. The movie influenced ‘Running Man’ is a cool tune, although this doesn’t fit with the rest of the release and the vibe I was feeling. The closer ‘Lonewolf’ reminds me of 70’s Scorpions, its melodic and builds, much like the Roth era. ‘Mad Dogs’ and ‘Danger Zone’ hark back to the North East bands of the previously mentioned scene, especially Satan, the album cover itself reminds me of Tysondog and going further south to the home of metal to Priest’s ‘Sin After Sin’ respective album covers.

Overall, it’s a decent listen hampered by my lack of enthusiasm for the production, it makes the album sound dated. But, on the plus side, the songs are nice and easy to remember, good to get into, but I can’t help feeling they’ve put the brakes on a little bit compared to the massive step forward of their last album release.

(7/10 Paul Maddison)