I definitely enjoyed this Croatian bands previous album which I reviewed for the site and stated categorically that this band plays filth encrusted deathliness and since that album it is clear the band has stayed completely within that sphere on this third guttural outing. Battering the listener from the off, “Back From The Grave”, which punches hard with chunky riffing stabs backed up by a new rhythm section of Thomas Polder and Holgore on drums and bass respectively. I would say the sound is cleaner with far more definition on the guitar especially as “Genocid” injects blast beat sections to good effect.

“Death Metal Drunks” pretty much sums me up from years ago at various gigs as the song unleashes a fine punk driven riff that situates the song next to acts like Gehennah though this is filthier of course, but no less catchy. Maintaining the momentum with ease is “Rak N’ Roll” where the grime infestation floats to the top to gruesome greasiness. Speeding things up “Do Kosti Bex Milosti” has an anarchic feel due to the clamouring drum style but is highly controlled especially when the song switches riff momentarily and adds the blasted phases. At times the song listens like grindcore due to the riffing style and annihilating speed outbursts.

Starting with a truck ignition firing up serves to announce “Beneath The Wheels Of Death”, something I wish I had when driving home from work sometimes, but I digress as this tune rattles out some crust punk toxicity with barked vocals as the song bulldozes into a speed death metal workout that is just bliss to my ears especially with the blazing lead break. Adding an acoustic opening to “Necrobitch, Cowgirl From The Morgue” works well especially when the drunken like vocals then jut in before the bellow of yeehaw as the song detonates in a frenzy but I’ll ignore the wailing women they’ve added as a sound sample.

What do you expect a song called “Stupid Spoiled Whore” to sound like? You’re definitely right as the song pulses with a sleaze like riff amid the punk like posturing and vocal style as the song has a fantastic riff swing mid-way that is massively infectious that leaves only “Monstrum” with its sub two minute explosion of anarcho-death. Those craving the guttural rancidity of death metal with massive doses of grime infested punk riffing would do well to check this album out.

(8.5/10 Martin Harris)