I am assuming that the translation of this Dutch band’s moniker is simply Hell Hound or Hound Of Hell, either way it works for me as this act contains Bob Bagchus on drums under the name of Plechelmus. Added to that is an ex Wederganger member plus two more to fill out the quartet of this fairly unique black metal band.

The initial screeching feedback hints at an unholy and barbaric racket to come but instead the tempo is highly restrained on “Kardoes” where the throat scraping vocals are utterly caustic. With the song suggesting a crust or punk like aura due to the riff style and pace the song meanders down an avenue of acerbic acridity. That punk like drive materialises more prominently on the title track producing traits of Carpathian Forest but still sticking to the mid-tempo style that makes the song that more catchy. As more feedback initiates “Rattenmantel” that slow deliberate pacing is swiped away for a slight increase in the velocity but this is by no means fast.

Stripping the guitar sound back to a fundamentally raw aura works brilliantly on “Onbegraafbaar” as the speed is ratcheted up here, creating a mechanised and hypnotic beating via the drums which rarely veer from the stamping ferocity until the awesome double bass interchange. Crustier and far slower is “Hamerslagen” where a doom like oppression is heard amidst the buzzing riff that is deployed. I thoroughly enjoyed the closer, “Kerkerlust” which has a dirty grimy riff and buzzsaw sound that had me thinking about Canadian band Slaughter on their “Strappado” release. The massive riff change is Hellhammer handed to you on a plate but kept within the remit of the bands own style. The superb tempo shifts make this a brilliant closer to an album packed with gnarly blackened filth.

(8.5/10 Martin Harris)