Newish US band, two thirds of whom were in Narcotic and this is their firstborn. Black death is the world they inhabit.

‘Caustic Purgatorial Suspension’ has a slow, ominous beginning, all picked notes, martial drums and enveloping vocals/keys. It dies in a muffled explosion before a surge of black/death riffing rides out. It has a nice thick production, some fine solid drum work and a good orthodox sound. Ok I find it a little lacking in individuality until the glorious closing lead break shatters it but there is nothing wrong here at all. Solid. ‘Lachrymatory’ follows in similar solid fashion, again the dense riffing and echoing vocals building a deep wall of noise but it feels a little…not bad. Absolutely not. Just a little more character needed maybe? ‘Judas Goat’ for some reason gives me that; there’s a little bounce to it as the drums do a quick march and the Darkthrone like vocals growl. Yeah, with again a neat lead break this is more like it! It flails about nicely too, ripping skin and glaring malevolently.  ‘Nest Of Squalor’ continues the step up. A cold riff and winding guitar drops into thick black tar and pulls me with it. There’s a fine, crusty bass section that really kicks in a new gear, pulling that slightly punk touch along with a dark glee. The best saved ’til last.

This is an EP that just gets better as it goes along and the character of the band gnaws through the skin if orthodoxy. Well worth your time and I’ll be keeping an eye on these guys.

(7.5/10 Gizmo)