Having been around for almost a quarter of a century, Sweden’s Wolfbrigade have long been established as a staple of the hardcore scene, having coined the term “lycanthro-punk” along the way. ‘The Enemy: Reality’ is the five piece’s seventh studio album (discounting the three released under the moniker Wolfpack), released just two years after 2017’s critically acclaimed ‘Run with the Hunted’, and it’s no less ferocious than their very first opus. Wolfbrigade are one of the rare occurrences where a band is able to exist without ever having to evolve their sound too drastically and not become stale or boring.

The likes of ‘Narcissistic Breed’ and ‘Wells of Despair’ are instant toe tappers – it’s difficult to resist the urge to nod along to the entirety of this album, however, those two particular tracks are especially catchy and bound to be popular when performed live. ‘The Enemy’ is lacking the urgency of its predecessor ‘Run with the Hunted’, although this allows more time for groove and melody and lends an air of classic Swedish death metal to the onslaught of d-beats. The entire LP feels effortless from start to finish – simply a band who are experts at what they do, playing what they play best.

There are no real surprises here – if you’re a fan of Wolfbridge, you’ll be well aware of what to expect. Straight to the point, crusty sounding hardcore punk with a traditional Scandinavian sound. The wolf pack is back with full force and they’re taking no prisoners. Up the lycanthro-punks!

(8/10 Angela Davey)