This US acts last album, “With Man In Charge” was a vitriolic assault on the senses laying waste to all those who dared to listen to it as Reifert and his cohort continues to poison us with dense riddled punk infused with a multitude of other genres adding massive variety to this excellent album which begins unceremoniously with “Off With His Head”. The cymbal smashing start is like a hammer pounding your skull. The songs are tempered with hardcore melodicism to my ears without dissipating the ferocity which this album spits out with maniacal lunacy.

“No Consequence” thrusts forth with its immeasurable savagery as a brilliant riff change slices into the track complete with raging lead break. “Follower” is wholly punk based but it also harnesses the ghost of Lemmy on the bass work which twangs through the song as the riff exhales a catchy bearing before “Lack Of Focus” races down the hardcore gauntlet with vicious vocals that epitomise the lyrical content, which typically delve into the problems of society, politicism and manipulation if my interpretations are correct. As “Dead Flags” beats remorselessly it funnels into a stoner like riff as “Neighbourhood Psycho” is punk fuelled virulence incarnate.

An instrumental titled “The Day Lemmy Died” sections the album in two with morose overtones before returning to the melee with “Stress Bomb” and the short incendiary “Chainsaw Brain” where both songs stab the listener with demented glee. The title track is slower with a pure punk riffing beat down that is laced with catchiness as the speed surges in waves as that Motörhead influence reappears here. Indeed the more punk based songs utilise that influence extremely well as “Insult Culture” ably proves. The songs deviation in riff is brilliantly executed as is the speed which results in an infectious hook.

A trio of terror ends this album beginning with “Pick Up The Crumbs” where the hardcore punk infusion is embedded with vicious vocals before the awesome “Losers And Freaks” unleashes a potent riff leaving only the “Hostage” to close with a hooky riff and cool bass line that rockets the pace in a hardcore sense leaving the listener undeniably battered, bruised and broken.

(9/10 Martin Harris)