Can I trouble you to listen to a 10-minute party political broadcast courtesy of the right dishonourable Paul Catten and Paul Kenney? Well yes of course you can and if you are looking for something to play at any canvassers that come a knocking this will most definitely do the job. However, if you are a Tory or favour leaving the European Union you probably want to skip this one straight away. This EP is likely to annoy you as much as popping into your local Weatherspoons and listening to two grizzled old cunts who are holding court after an all-day session of Stella and blow.

To put you in the picture, this vent of quite acceptable frustration comes from Paul Catten (Murder one, Medulla Nocte, Barrabas) and Paul Kenney (Mistress, Fukpig, Kroh). They have obviously had quite enough of the political turmoil we face and haven’t we all, so expect vitriol, swearing, d-beats and 8 songs in under 10 minutes here. I expect this will go down well with anyone with an ounce of common sense in this country (and here is me trying not to get political myself) whereas anyone listening to it in Europe will no doubt sympathise to a certain extent, that is if they can stop laughing long enough at the state we find ourselves in. Sadly, it’s no fucking laughing matter and this is pissed off music to match the feelings of disgust the sensible person on the street finds themselves in. Kenney is responsible for the music and Catten the spat-out vocals and lyrics. You can find everything at the Bandcamp link at the bottom of the page and they have even designed (in true agit-prop style) artwork to correspond with each and every track.

Fuzz laden scuzzy sound tumbles out the speakers and a clattering dialogue is built over songs like ‘No Deal Brexit, Mate.’ Catten spews out his very recognisable screams and yells of disgust at it all and there is no safe quarter here as he belts out the words “It’s a fucking disaster” and “I hate You,” summing up how we all fucking feel. There’s songs about ‘Work Twats’ in the lyrical tradition of Anarcho Punk bands such as The Subhumans whose ‘Businessmen’ summed it all up and continues to be relevant 4 decades down the line. Don’t you just hate these strutting lanyard lads!  There’s calls for Class War, hatred thrown at “right wing vampires walking the streets” and absolute disgust at all the lies we have been force-fed by politicians motivated by one thing, their own greed. Musically this should go down well with any of the aforementioned bands as well as coming across a little like a melee of parliamentarians jumping off their benches and having a big punch up in the middle over who prefers Discharge to Anaal Nathrakh. Of-course there will be no winners in the end there.

Yeah, we are well and truly screwed and shafted and this says it like it is, complete with crusty warts on. That might make it a difficult listen and it might get your blood boiling. If you totally disagree with everything said here, well that is your right, we still live in a democracy (just) and that entitles you to be a cunt!

There’s no mark out of 10 being given here anymore than anyone is telling you how to vote. If it gets through just one thick skull its job is more than done.

(Pete Woods)