This UK band’s debut full length in 2017, “Rites Of Absolution” was a textbook deathly demolition as the sophomore capitalises on the ferocity laid down to produce a set of songs that showcase the improved musicianship without loss of intensity. “Demonic Oath” begins with a calming ghoulish intro section before the razor sharp guitar sound slices into the mix with an obliterating blast beat. The harsh throat scraping vocals suit the music superbly, brandishing a terrifying onslaught that is caustic and pernicious. Some backing noise initiates “Malestrom” before the song detonates as the drumming speed is relentless but tempered by double kick saturated sections to increase the catchiness, but overall this album is barbaric from start to finish.

I thoroughly enjoyed “Entering The Pandemonium” with its strafing double bass as a thrash like riff manifests sharply sending the tone slightly higher increasing the intensity which continues into the title track after the bells and noises again. The abrupt explosion is savage with half blasting wrath before channelling the song into yet more kick drum bombardment. The old school thundering of “Storm Of The Hellspawn” is a destructive delight wielding a thrashing riff that slashes at the listener before draining the speed for “Sadistic Saviour”, which is packed with riffs.

After an instrumental interlude the release ends with the excellent “Hammer Of Penance” starting with a fine biting riff, increasing the speed via the drums. The blast beat is injected neatly in sporadic bursts right before a tangential plunge in pace to a very cool and catchy riff change and a scorching lead break. Like the debut The Bleeding unleashes sonic oblivion with some of the most violent and virulent riffs you’re ever likely to hear as I hope to catch them tour hopefully.

(8.5/10 Martin Harris)