Here we are again, the old Brutal Death Metal, a favourite pastime of mine. As regular readers will be aware my penchant for the genre is exceedingly high. Yet as a result of this I can often times become disillusioned with tiresome repetitive notions of tried and tested song structures. I can remember almost ten years ago when I began my reviewing journey. My knowledge at the time was infantile and my ratings generally high. Now I have become a fierce and point blank reviewer. Perhaps one day my name will make it into some bands documentary, “He said they were the worst band he’d ever heard, we proved him wrong!”. I can only dream.

Alas my ego is put aside but my judgemental gavel remains aloft, and fittingly so for a review of such brutal proportions. Originally operating under the name Cranial Bleeding these US Brutal Death traditionalists decided on a recent change of name to Purulent Necrosis. With this new name comes the bands debut record Cadaverized Humanity. Whilst all of these words may seem very atypical they are not to be overlooked. Don’t judge a band by its artwork or name, judge it by the label! Jokes aside this release is put out through the reliable Comatose Music whom I simply cannot praise enough for their general output.

There is a definite old school Brutal Death flare about the opening track Calculated Acts Of Retribution, fast paced drums, ultra guttural vocals and rapid riffs that all together create a sonic wall of barbarity. There is even a good helping of Devourment styled Slamming to help the music along, this is a welcome addition as I often find bands whom leave out this element drab. For a time the listener becomes torn between generic riffs and enjoyment. On the one hand I could easily describe this as entry level Brutal Death but on the other hand I can’t help but like it. By the time that Purity Shrouded In Putrefaction wafts in I become captivated and eager to hear more. Perhaps it’s the no frills approach or crushing drum blows but there is something special about Purulent Necrosis.

There is a slight gripe though, and only a minor one, the title track. This less than a minute interlude is totally pointless, this isn’t a long record that needs breaking up and comes across more so as filler than anything else. Luckily back into the actual music we have Induced Parasitic Gestation which flirts with some interesting guitar work whilst still retaining its BDM core. Another minor criticism would be that due to its standard nature the album is welcome to its shorter length. During Scriptures Of Ominous Suffering we are accustomed to Purulent Necrosis and their ideals, and whilst these are good they aren’t anything new.

Sometimes however old is new, just look at the spate of recent cavernous Death Metal artists like Blood Incantation, Tomb Mold and Phrenelith. Indeed in an age of splintering sub-genres I do welcome this kind of back to basics Brutal Death. Although it mainly serves as a nostalgic reminder of older bands and gets me going back to them. None the less I do appreciate the effort that has gone into this record and as far as debuts go this is a hell of a start. If nothing else Purulent Necrosis have at least gained my attention, thanks Comatose!

(7/10 George Caley)