Not, in fact, a crap swinging site for those in the farming community, Ploughshare are a nasty black / death metal band from Australia and are back hot off the heels of their 2018 debut full-length “In Offal, Salvation”,  and their 2017 EP the charmingly named “Literature Of Piss” with this 4 track EP “Tellurian Insurgency”.

Ploughshare are a band who are certainly hard to pigeon-hole. Going from Mayhem-esque black metal one minute to  dischordant & nasty Morbid Angel inspired death metal the next. The promo blurb even says “noise rock & post-punk”….. but fuck knows what that means. One thing is for sure, the band are extremely talented and tighter than a mouse’s ear. “Tellurian Insurgency” is a treble heavy, oppressive and not in any traditional sense a pleasurable listen.

I’m not one for experimental music….. I own Mortician albums….. but I quite liked this and the violent noisy mess on offer has been played a good few times here at Stalag Marky!

I wouldn’t be able to hum a riff off the record but these four tracks are something to experience rather than enjoy.  The EP opening tracks, “Abreactive Trance” and “Indistinguishable Beast of Flight” are the best (to these ears) but the remix of “In Offal, Salvation” (the full-length debut’s title-track) has its own weird charm and the closing number “Xeno-Chemical Insider” is a weird musical landscape of hypnotic tribal beats and impenetrable vocals. Very unsettling which I guarantee is what this band are striving for.

Definitely worth a look if you like later Mayhem & NON.

(6/10 Mark Eve)